Your Mobility Scooter battery is probably the most important part of your Scooter, so it is important to look after them and keep them in tip-top condition. If you follow the Top 10 guide below you will be able to get maximum performance from your batteries and Scooter.

Top 10 Tips
1.Always use the correct charger for your battery type, if you did not get one with your Mobility Scooter make sure the one you buy is right for your battery size etc.

2.Always switch your Mobility Scooter off when not in use. Many scooters have sleep modes which stop the batteries discharging, saving energy and money.

3.Charge your batteries after every trip, your batteries will be more effective if they are kept charged, and your Mobility Scooter will be ready when you next need it.

4.Only use the manufacturer recommended batteries for your Mobility Scooter, whilst others may work they will not give you the same performance.

5.Always charge new batteries fully before using them – new batteries need an overnight charge before use.

6.A new Mobility Scooter battery will not reach its full potential until it has been used and re-charged several times, so make sure you top it up after every journey.

7.Never run your batteries completely flat – make sure you have switched everything off.

8.If you are storing your Scooter for winter fully charge your battery, then every month charge it again until it is needed, this will keep your battery working.

9.Always unplug the charger from the battery after charging – a charger left plugged in after charging can discharge the batteries.

10.Remember that in winter your battery will not give the same performance it does in the summer, so plan your journey accordingly, and expect less mileage than at other times of the year.