6v 9 ah generic replacement sla battery (agm)
    6v 9 ah generic replacement sla battery (agm)
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    6v 9 ah generic replacement sla battery (agm)

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    Our Generic 6V 9 Ah Replaces battery Models 6V 9 Ah and other similar capacities. It is designed to replace many different Brands and Model numbers and is a Generic battery replacement

    ChemistrySealed Lead Acid
    Warranty1 Year
    Model NumberSLAB9-6
    Weight (Kg) 1.45 Kg
    Size (L x W x H)(mm) 98 x 56 x 118 (Inches) 3.86 x 2.2 x 4.65
    Replaces BrandGeneric

    The dimensions shown above are to the top of battery. (Not top of terminal). The One Year warranty covers any Manufacture defect. The warranty does not cover damages due to misuse of the battery nor diminishing run time due to normal wear and tear.

    This replacement Generic battery is rated at 6V, 9Ah It is designed specifically for your device. It is manufactured to a very high standard to enhance the performance of your device. The batteries are designed with high quality components by our ISO 9001 certified factory.

    The Products that this battery will fit are shown below.

    • Models that this battery are known to support:-

      Generic 6V 9 Ah, 9  

    • Battery codes that this product is known to replace:-

    6V 9 Ah  

    • Manufacturers that this product will replace:-


    Battery Selection

    Please make sure before purchasing this battery that the device manufacturer, Model number and Battery number are all listed in our product description. If you need to verify the fitment please create a ticket and one of our experienced operators will select the correct product for you. Please click here to create a ticket:-  Click here to generate a ticket

    Due to the high number of different models available in todays electronic market place some models especially those models that are relatively slow movers will have a shipment delay of  around 7 days. Most popular models are carried in stock but this is subject to demand. If you need this battery in a limited timescale it is always best to contact us at  at  Click here to generate a ticket and confirm that we have your product in stock. We do this so that the product we carry is constantly fresh and in peak condition.

    Please note that our batteries are generic replacements for the manufacturers models as shown. The capacity that is quoted may not be exactly as stated by the original manufacturer but will still replace the model without an issue. Please check your dimensions before ordering. We endevour to make our cross reference as accurate as possible but it is vital that the dimensions are checked against your original battery to avoid issues.   

    *^*AGM 6V 9Ah Black 1 Year warranty to gaurantee against manufacturing defects
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