12 volt 50 a/h mobility scooter battery (agm)
    12 volt 50 a/h mobility scooter battery (agm)
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    12 volt 50 a/h mobility scooter battery (agm)

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    This purchase is for one unit of 12V 50AH Maintanence free rechargeable sealed lead acid battery for Scooters and wheelchair replacements


    LENGTH:195 mm
    WIDTH:165 mm
    HEIGHT:175 mm
    WEIGHT:32 Lbs


    • PLEASE NOTE: Replacement battery packs contain replacement batteries only. You must re-use your existing cabling and hardware.
    • If we are out of stock of a particular battery, we will ship an equal or better battery with dimensions that closely match the original physical size and at the same price.
    • IMPORTANT: Manufacturers change battery specifications without notice. Please inspect the batteries in your unit before placing your order. Should the incorrect battery be ordered, you will be charged for the return shipping and shipping costs to have the correct battery sent.

             This battery replaces these models

    • REPLACES: PS-12400  NP40-12

    Today's UB Series is the culmination of more than ten decades of battery manufacturing experience. High energy density, leak proof construction, excellent performance in either float or cyclic applications and long service life combine to make the UB Series the most reliable and versatile maintenance free rechargeable sealed lead acid batteries available.

    - The construction and sealing techniques of the UB battery guarantee leakproof operation in any position with no adverse effect to capacity or service life. 
    - Powersonic batteries recover their capacities even after repeated deep discharges.
    - All Enerwatt batteries utilize an electrolyte suspension system consisting of a high porosity, glass fiber material which in conjunction with plates, totally absorb and contain the electrolyte. No silica gels or any other contaminants are used.
    - UB batteries incorporate a built-in design that controls gas generation and induces recombination of more than 99% of gases generated during float usage.
    - There is no need to check specific gravity of the electrolyte or add water to UB batteries during float service life. In fact, there is no provision for this type of maintenance.
    - All UB batteries are equipped with safety release valves, designed to operate between 2 and 5 psi and automatically reseal. Hence, there is never an excessive accumulation of gas within the battery.
    - Heavy duty lead calcium tin alloy grids provide an extra margin of performance and service life in either float or cyclic applications, even after repeated over discharges.
    - More than 1000 discharge/recharge cycles can be realized from UB batteries, dependent on the average depth of discharge.
    - UB Series batteries have an expected life span of 3 to 5 years in float service applications.
    - The self discharge rate of the UB battery at room temperature is approximately 3% of rated capacity per month.
    *^*Sealed Lead Acid 1 Year warranty to gaurantee against manufacturing defects 299 12 volt 40.0 amp sealed lead acid,
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