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What are the differences between gel batteries and absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries?

Both are recombinant batteries. Both are sealed valve-regulated(SVR) – also called valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA). AGM batteriesand gel batteries are both considered “acid-starved”. In a gel battery, the electrolyte does not flow like a normal liquid. The electrolyte has the consistency and appearance of petroleum jelly. Like gelled electrolyte batteries, absorbed electrolyte batteries are also considered non-spillable – all of the liquid electrolyte is trapped in the sponge-like matted glass fiber separator material.The “acid-starved” condition of gel and AGM batteries protects the plates during heavy deep-discharges. The gel battery is more starved, giving more protection to the plate; therefore, it is bettersuited for super-deep discharge applications. Due to the physical properties of the gelled electrolyte, gel batterypower declines faster than an AGM battery’s as the temperature drops below 32ºF. AGM batteries excel for high current, high powerapplications and in extremely cold environments.


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