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Name10 x lr43 maxell coin type alkaline battery (1 pack contains 10 batteries)
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10 x lr43 maxell coin type alkaline battery (1 pack contains 10 batteries)

Maxell LR43, A186 Alkaline Battery 1.5V AG12
The A186, or LR43, is a popular Alkaline cell commonly used in cameras, calculators, toys, and watches. Silver-Oxide cells of the same dimensions can sometimes be substituted by LR43s. If your application is a toy, calculator, scales or other non-precision electronic device, order the A186/LR43.

• Chemistry: Alkaline
• Voltage: 1.5V  55 Mah

• Diameter: 11.6 mm
• Height: 4.2 mm

A186/LR43 Alkaline Cells Are Used In:
• Laser Pointers
• Watches
• Cameras
• Alarm Transmitters
• Children's Books
• Calculators
• Blood Pressure Instruments
• Sugar Level Detectors
• Flashlights
• Laser Pointers
• Alarms
• Calculators
• Hundreds of other electronic products

Also Known As: 10 L 124/D 386, 1132SO, 1133SO, 1167A, 1176A, 186, 186-1, 226, 226/12 OTC, 260, 280-01, 280-41, 301, 301A, 386, 386 RW 44, 386A, 386BP, AG12, D, D186A, D386, G12, G12A, GP186, GP386, GP86A, GS12, H, H BATTERY, L1142, LR1142, LR43, R 301/1, R 386/6, RW 34, RW 44, RW84, S04, S07, S1142E, S1142S, SA-AB, SB-A8, SB-B8, SG12, SP301, SP386, SR 43, SR 43 SW, SR 43 W, SR1142, SR1142SW, SR1142W, SR43, SR43SW, SR43W, SR43W/SW, V12GA, V301, V386, WS 11/D 301

Additional Note: The MR43 is a Mercuric-Oxide cell of the same dimensions as the A186/LR43. The MR43 cells are no longer manufactured because of their toxicity. If your requirement is to replace an MR43, you may consider using the Alkaline A186/LR43 in its place.

Technical Specifications: Maxell Alkaline Batteries [Button Cell]

The Maxell LR button battery is a compact, light and economical alkaline battery with a nominal voltage of 1.5V. The LR (alkaline) battery is less expensive than SR (silver oxide) batteries and is practical for a wide variety of portable electronics, ranging from calculators & thermometers; to small toys & lighted key chains.  Maxell's Based on many years of experience and know-how in the field of silver oxide batteries, the LR battery boasts high quality and high reliability.

Features of Maxell Alkaline Button Cell Batteries:

  • Excellent cost-performance.  Unlike silver oxide batteries that use the precious metal, silver, alkaline batteries feature good cost-performance because they use low-cost manganese dioxide as its active material.
  • Superior leakage resistance.  Like silver oxide batteries, the LR battery is manufactured using  Maxell's original leak-resistant processing that suppresses the electrolyte from rising up and seeping out-a common phenomenon of alkaline electrolytes.
  • Excellent heavy load characteristics.  The LR battery offers excellent heavy load characteristics and employs a separator featuring low internal resistance, good liquid holding properties and high-drain characteristics.
The button-type alkaline battery uses manganese dioxide (MnO2) as its positive active material and zinc (Zn) as its negative active material. Potassium hydroxide (KOH) is used as an electrolyte.

Positive reaction:  MnO2 + H+ +e-  MnOOH
Negative reaction:    Zn + 2OH-  ZnO + H2O + 2e-
Total reaction:  2MnO2 + H2O + Zn  2MnOOH + ZnO

Models   Dimensions

Cross Reference


Nominal Voltage
Nominal Capacity
Nominal Discharge
Current (mA)



A76, AG13, L1154, G13, V13GA LR44 1.5 60 100 11.6 5.4 1.8
186, AG12, L1142, G12, V12GA, LR54 LR43 1.5 55 100 11.6 4.2 1.6
189, AG10, L1131, G10, V10GA, LR55 LR1130 1.5 35 100 11.6 3.05 1.2
191, AG8, L1121, G8, V8GA LR1120 1.5 26 45 11.6 2.05
*^*Lithium 1.5V 1 Year warranty to gaurantee against manufacturing defects 6.99 186, 1176A, 186-1, 301A, 386A, G12A, GP86A, L1142, LR1142, LR43, RW84, V12GA, AG12 186, 1176A, 186-1, 301A, 386A, G12A, GP86A, L1142, LR1142, LR43, RW84, V12GA, AG12

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