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NameBattery fits Toshiba, Dynabook Qosmio T752 Dynabook Qosmio T752/t 10.8V, 4400mAh - 47.52Wh
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Battery fits Toshiba, Dynabook Qosmio T752 Dynabook Qosmio T752/t 10.8V, 4400mAh - 47.52Wh 1Battery fits Toshiba, Dynabook Qosmio T752 Dynabook Qosmio T752/t 10.8V, 4400mAh - 47.52Wh 2Battery fits Toshiba, Dynabook Qosmio T752 Dynabook Qosmio T752/t 10.8V, 4400mAh - 47.52Wh 3Battery fits Toshiba, Dynabook Qosmio T752 Dynabook Qosmio T752/t 10.8V, 4400mAh - 47.52Wh 4Battery fits Toshiba, Dynabook Qosmio T752 Dynabook Qosmio T752/t 10.8V, 4400mAh - 47.52Wh 5Battery fits Toshiba, Dynabook Qosmio T752 Dynabook Qosmio T752/t 10.8V, 4400mAh - 47.52Wh 6 have been a source for replacement batteries from Cameron Sino for over a decade. In that time we have had not one instance of a product being damaged while using one of our batteries. Choosing the right product to fit and replace your battery can be difficult and for those of you who are not technically inclined it is very difficult. We do recommend that you remove the old battery before ordering or at least check with us to see if we can confirm fitment for you if at all possible. This really is the best thing to do. Many manufacturers have 2 or 3 different types of battery fitted in one model. This battery is designed to replace the battery in models as described below






4400mAh / 47.52Wh


1 Year

Model Number





204.14 x 51.60 x 20.40 mm

Replaces Manufacturers




Choosing the right product to fit and replace your battery can be difficult and for those of you who are not technically inclined it is very difficult. We do recommend that you remove the old battery before ordering or at least check with us to see if we can confirm fitment for you if at all possible. This really is the best thing to do. Many manufacturers have 2 or 3 different types of battery fitted in one model. Its crucial for you to check the information from your device before ordering, contact us before ordering if you are really not sure. Twelve months warranty is usually standard on most Cameron Sino products. Difference's in this policy it will be stated on this page. Any misuse of the battery or modifications will invalidate the warranty as we cannot be responsible for misuse of the products design. Usually your new battery should be expected to have a life span of between 400 and 500 cycles. A cycle means one discharge and one recharge. Different battery chemistries can be charged and discharged a different amount of times. The amount of charges does depend on the battery use. ISO 9001 certification means that strict manufacturing standards are adhered to. Safety in the battery world is a primary concern for many and as we use only high quality components this makes sure that strict standards are met. The batteries we supply should perform as well as your original if maintained correctly. The Devices or Products that are described in the information below should be replaced perfectly by our battery from Cameron Sino. Special Remarks:-

The Models and Battery numbers that this battery are known to support can be seen in the data below:-  


Device Models Supported
Toshiba, dynabook Qosmio T752, dynabook Qosmio T752/t, dynabook Qosmio T752/t4f, dynabook Qosmio T752/t8f, dynabook Qosmio T852, dynabook Qosmio T852/8f, dynabook Satellite B352, dynabook Satellite B352/w2cf, dynabook Satellite B352/w2cg, dynabook Satellite B352/w2jf, dynabook Satellite B352/w2jg, dynabook Satellite B352/w2mf, dynabook Satellite B352/w2mg, dynabook Satellite B352/w2mgw, dynabook Satellite T572, dynabook Satellite T572/w2mf, dynabook Satellite T572/w3mg, dynabook Satellite T572/w3tf, dynabook Satellite T572/w4tg, dynabook Satellite T642/wtmgw, dynabook Satellite T652, dynabook Satellite T652/w4ugb, dynabook Satellite T652/w4vgb, dynabook Satellite T652/w5ufb, dynabook Satellite T652/w5ugb, dynabook Satellite T652/w5vfb, dynabook Satellite T652/w6vgb, dynabook Satellite T752, dynabook Satellite T752/wtcfb, dynabook Satellite T752/wttfb, dynabook Satellite T752/wvtgb, dynabook Satellite T772, dynabook Satellite T772/w4tg, dynabook Satellite T772/w5tf, dynabook Satellite T772/w5tg, dynabook Satellite T772/w6tg, dynabook T552, dynabook T552/36f, dynabook T552/47f, dynabook T552/58f, satellite C50, satellite C50-abt2n11, satellite C50-abt2n12, satellite C50-asmbnx1, satellite C50-asmbnx2, satellite C50-asmbnx3, satellite C50-ast2nx1, satellite C50-ast2nx2, satellite C50-ast2nx3, satellite C50d-abt2n11, satellite C50d-ast2nx1, satellite C70-a, satellite C800, satellite C800d, satellite C805, satellite C805-c10b, satellite C805d, satellite C805d-t08b, satellite C805d-t09b, satellite C805-t01b, satellite C805-t03b, satellite C805-t06b, satellite C805-t07b, satellite C805-t23r, satellite C840, satellite C840d, satellite C845, satellite C845d, satellite C845-s4230, satellite C850, satellite C850/00m, satellite C850/02d, satellite C850/04g, satellite C850/04q, satellite C850/05d, satellite C850/05e, satellite C850/073, satellite C850/074, satellite C850/08k, satellite C850/09v, satellite C850/0f3, satellite C850-058, satellite C850-05c, satellite C850-08f, satellite C850-08g, satellite C850-08j, satellite C850-101, satellite C850-108, satellite C850-10c, satellite C850-10f, satellite C850-119, satellite C850-11c, satellite C850-11v, satellite C850-12m, satellite C850-12v, satellite C850-131, satellite C850-132, satellite C850-13c, satellite C850-13d, satellite C850-13e, satellite C850-13x, satellite C850-161, satellite C850-168, satellite C850-175, satellite C850-19d, satellite C850-19z, satellite C850-1c0, satellite C850-1c1, satellite C850-1c2, satellite C850-1c4, satellite C850-1c9, satellite C850-1d2, satellite C850d, satellite C850d/00x, satellite C850d/010, satellite C850d/01x, satellite C850d-008, satellite C850d-011, satellite C850d-01j, satellite C850d-100, satellite C850d-107, satellite C850d-109, satellite C850d-10t, satellite C850d-11q, satellite C850d-st3n01, satellite C850d-st3nx1, satellite C850d-t11b, satellite C850-st2n01, satellite C850-st2n02, satellite C850-st2n03, satellite C850-st2nx1, satellite C850-st2nx2, satellite C850-st2nx3, satellite C850-st3n01, satellite C850-st3n02, satellite C850-st3n03, satellite C850-st3nx1, satellite C850-st3nx2, satellite C850-st3nx3, satellite C850-t03b, satellite C850-t05b, satellite C855, satellite C855-10g, satellite C855-10k, satellite C855-10m, satellite C855-10t, satellite C855-10x, satellite C855-10z, satellite C855-111, satellite C855-11f, satellite C855-11g, satellite C855-127, satellite C855-128, satellite C855-129, satellite C855-12c, satellite C855-12f, satellite C855-12g, satellite C855-12r, satellite C855-13f, satellite C855-13t, satellite C855-14r, satellite C855-14t, satellite C855-14u, satellite C855-15q, satellite C855-15u, satellite C855-16m, satellite C855-177, satellite C855-17c, satellite C855-17m, satellite C855-17n, satellite C855-17q, satellite C855-17r, satellite C855-17t, satellite C855-17x, satellite C855-17z, satellite C855-18j, satellite C855-18l, satellite C855-18n, satellite C855-18p, satellite C855-18r, satellite C855-18u, satellite C855-18v, satellite C855-18z, satellite C855-190, satellite C855-192, satellite C855-1e7, satellite C855-1ee, satellite C855-1ef, satellite C855-1gn, satellite C855-1gp, satellite C855-1gq, satellite C855-1gr, satellite C855-1h8, satellite C855-1hk, satellite C855-1hl, satellite C855-1hm, satellite C855-1j0, satellite C855-1j1, satellite C855-1j2, satellite C855-1m1, satellite C855-1md, satellite C855-1me, satellite C855-1rl, satellite C855-1rm, satellite C855-1rn, satellite C855-1rp, satellite C855-1rt, satellite C855-1ru, satellite C855-1rv, satellite C855-1rx, satellite C855-1tc, satellite C855-1td, satellite C855-1te, satellite C855-1tf, satellite C855-1tv, satellite C855-1vn, satellite C855-1vt, satellite C855-1w3, satellite C855-1w4, satellite C855-1w7, satellite C855-1w9, satellite C855-1wc, satellite C855-1wm, satellite C855-1wp, satellite C855-1wq, satellite C855-1wr, satellite C855-1wt, satellite C855-1wu, satellite C855d, satellite C855d-102, satellite C855d-137, satellite C855d-s5202, satellite C855d-s5203, satellite C855d-s5205, satellite C855d-s5209, satellite C855d-s5229, satellite C855d-s5230, satellite C855d-s5235, satellite C855d-s5237, satellite C855d-s5238, satellite C855d-s5302, satellite C855d-s5303, satellite C855d-s5315, satellite C855d-s5320, satellite C855d-s5339, satellite C855d-s5340, satellite C855d-s5351, satellite C855d-s5353, satellite C855d-s5354, satellite C855d-s5357, satellite C855d-s5359, satellite C855d-stn02, satellite C855-s5206, satellite C855-s5214, satellite C855-s5231, satellite C855-s5233, satellite C855-s5234, satellite C855-s5236, satellite C855-s5239, satellite C855-s5239p, satellite C855-s5241, satellite C855-s5245, satellite C855-s5247, satellite C855-s5306, satellite C855-s5308, satellite C855-s5343, satellite C855-s5345, satellite C855-s5346, satellite C855-s5347, satellite C855-s5348, satellite C855-s5349, satellite C855-s5349n, satellite C855-s5350, satellite C855-s5350n, satellite C855-s5352, satellite C855-s5355, satellite C855-s5356, satellite C855-s5358, satellite C870, satellite C870-10l, satellite C870-10n, satellite C870-10r, satellite C870-11f, satellite C870-11g, satellite C870-11h, satellite C870-11j, satellite C870-121, satellite C870-123, satellite C870-12p, satellite C870-134, satellite C870-13d, satellite C870-142, satellite C870-143, satellite C870-14v, satellite C870-155, satellite C870-156, satellite C870-17d, satellite C870-17f, satellite C870-18v, satellite C870-198, satellite C870d, satellite C870d-00h, satellite C870d-00m, satellite C870d-105, satellite C870d-11k, satellite C870-st2n01, satellite C870-st2n02, satellite C870-st2n03, satellite C870-st3nx1, satellite C870-st3nx2, satellite C870-st3nx3, satellite C875, satellite C875-130, satellite C875d, satellite C875d-s7220, satellite C875d-s7223, satellite C875d-s7225, satellite C875d-s7345, satellite C875-s7205, satellite C875-s7228, satellite C875-s7303, satellite C875-s7304, satellite C875-s7340, satellite L70, satellite L70-ast2nx2, satellite L70-ast2nx3, satellite L800, satellite L800-c07b, satellite L800-c08w, satellite L800-c09b, satellite L800d, satellite L805, satellite L805d, satellite L830, satellite L830/001, satellite L830/01p, satellite L830/022, satellite L830-10f, satellite L830-10p, satellite L830-10v, satellite L830-10x, satellite L830-10z, satellite L830-114, satellite L830-118, satellite L830-123, satellite L830-138, satellite L830-139, satellite L830-144, satellite L830-145, satellite L830d, satellite L830-t01r, satellite L830-t01w, satellite L830-t02r, satellite L830-t02w, satellite L835, satellite L835d, satellite L840, satellite L840/007, satellite L840/027, satellite L840/03r, satellite L840/03s, satellite L840/04e, satellite L840-00u, satellite L840-026, satellite L840d, satellite L840d-st2n01, satellite L840-st2n01, satellite L840-st3nx1, satellite L845, satellite L845d, satellite L845-s4240, satellite L850, satellite L850/00p, satellite L850/00q, satellite L850/00r, satellite L850/01r, satellite L850/03d, satellite L850/03s, satellite L850/046, satellite L850/092, satellite L850/0c8, satellite L850/0c9, satellite L850/0cc, satellite L850/0d1, satellite L850-00f, satellite L850-00g, satellite L850-01x, satellite L850-022, satellite L850-11q, satellite L850-12u, satellite L850-139, satellite L850-13d, satellite L850-14k, satellite L850-153, satellite L850-15z, satellite L850-161, satellite L850-162, satellite L850-166, satellite L850-167, satellite L850-168, satellite L850-169, satellite L850-16c, satellite L850-17z, satellite L850-199, satellite L850-19c, satellite L850-19d, satellite L850-19e, satellite L850-1c9, satellite L850-1cc, satellite L850-1d4, satellite L850-1d5, satellite L850-1ek, satellite L850d, satellite L850d/002, satellite L850d/003, satellite L850d-00j, satellite L850d-00m, satellite L850d-102, satellite L850d-10v, satellite L850d-117, satellite L850d-11n, satellite L850d-11p, satellite L850d-st2nx1, satellite L850d-st3nx1, satellite L850-st2n01, satellite L850-st2n02, satellite L850-st2nx1, satellite L850-st3n01, satellite L850-st3n02, satellite L850-st3nx1, satellite L850-st3nx2, satellite L850-t01b, satellite L850-t01r, satellite L850-t02b, satellite L855, satellite L855-01y, satellite L855-10p, satellite L855-10t, satellite L855-10u, satellite L855-10w, satellite L855-118, satellite L855-11c, satellite L855-11f, satellite L855-11p, satellite L855-11t, satellite L855-12g, satellite L855-135, satellite L855-136, satellite L855-148, satellite L855-149, satellite L855-14c, satellite L855-14q, satellite L855-14r, satellite L855-14u, satellite L855d, satellite L855d-00p, satellite L855d-100, satellite L855d-s5220, satellite L855d-s5242, satellite L855-s5210, satellite L855-s5240, satellite L855-s5243, satellite L855-s5244, satellite L855-s5255, satellite L855-s5309, satellite L855-s5366, satellite L855-s5368, satellite L855-s5371, satellite L855-s5372, satellite L855-s5375, satellite L855-t01m, satellite L870, satellite L870-111, satellite L870-11j, satellite L870-136, satellite L870-13v, satellite L870-14x, satellite L870-169, satellite L870d, satellite L870d-st2nx1, satellite L870d-st3nx1, satellite L870-st2n01, satellite L870-st2n02, satellite L870-st2nx1, satellite L870-st3nx1, satellite L870-st3nx2, satellite L870-st3nx3, satellite L875, satellite L875-10e, satellite L875-10g, satellite L875-10v, satellite L875-116, satellite L875-123, satellite L875-124, satellite L875-12p, satellite L875d, satellite L875d-103, satellite L875d-s7230, satellite L875d-s7232, satellite L875d-s7332, satellite L875d-s7342, satellite L875d-s7343, satellite L875-s7208, satellite L875-s7209, satellite L875-s7243, satellite L875-s7245, satellite L875-s7308, satellite L875-s7332, satellite L875-s7377, satellite M800, satellite M800d, satellite M800-t01w, satellite M800-t02b, satellite M800-t03b, satellite M800-t03r, satellite M800-t03w, satellite M801, satellite M801d, satellite M805, 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P870/023, satellite P870/027, satellite P870-10g, satellite P870-11h, satellite P870-11j, satellite P870-11m, satellite P870d, satellite P870-st2gx2, satellite P875, satellite P875-300, satellite P875-305, satellite P875-30e, satellite P875d, satellite P875-s7200, satellite P875-s7310, satellite Pro C800, satellite Pro C800d, satellite Pro C800d-k05b, satellite Pro C800-k02b, satellite Pro C800-k03b, satellite Pro C800-k06b, satellite Pro C805, satellite Pro C805d, satellite Pro C840, satellite Pro C840d, satellite Pro C845, satellite Pro C845d, satellite Pro C850, satellite Pro C850-00w, satellite Pro C850-00x, satellite Pro C850-018, satellite Pro C850-10n, satellite Pro C850-10r, satellite Pro C850-10t, satellite Pro C850-10u, satellite Pro C850-10v, satellite Pro C850-10w, satellite Pro C850-10x, satellite Pro C850-10z, satellite Pro C850-111, satellite Pro C850-113, satellite Pro C850-116, satellite Pro C850-11n, satellite Pro C850-12z, satellite Pro C850-14c, satellite Pro 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Battery Models Supported
Toshiba, pa5023u-1brs, pa5024u-1brs, pa5025u-1brs, pa5026u-1brs, pa5027u-1brs, pa5110u-1brs, pabas259, pabas260, pabas261, pabas262, pabas263


Manufacturers that this product is known to support:-


Manufacturers Supported

Actual manufacturer


Cameron Sino


Important notes about your Battery Selection!!!

The four most important pieces of data that you will need to have to confirm the fitment of this battery in your device. 1. The model of your device, 2. The original battery number - found on the original battery 3. The manufacturer. 4. Make sure that the voltage of your battery match's or is within a couple of points of our battery. This is the only way to be 100% sure this is the correct battery.

Mah is the rating which estimates the amount of charge that a battery will hold or how much current it will provide for how long. The higher the this rating the longer the runtime.


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