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NameBattery fits Hp, Pavilion Dv8000 Pavilion Dv8000t 14.4V, 6600mAh - 95.04Wh
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Battery fits Hp, Pavilion Dv8000 Pavilion Dv8000t 14.4V, 6600mAh - 95.04Wh 1Battery fits Hp, Pavilion Dv8000 Pavilion Dv8000t 14.4V, 6600mAh - 95.04Wh 2Battery fits Hp, Pavilion Dv8000 Pavilion Dv8000t 14.4V, 6600mAh - 95.04Wh 3Battery fits Hp, Pavilion Dv8000 Pavilion Dv8000t 14.4V, 6600mAh - 95.04Wh 4Battery fits Hp, Pavilion Dv8000 Pavilion Dv8000t 14.4V, 6600mAh - 95.04Wh 5Battery fits Hp, Pavilion Dv8000 Pavilion Dv8000t 14.4V, 6600mAh - 95.04Wh 6

This product that we supply may be a generic version of the battery, but we can assure you that it is designed and built to be as robust and as good performance as the original battery. Battery selection is confusing. Leave the selection stress to the experts if you are really not sure. We can be contacted easily by live chat or by email. We almost always will respond to your query within a business day. This battery is designed to replace the battery in models as described below






6600mAh / 95.04Wh


1 Year

Model Number





206.81 x 69.30 x 38.01mm

Replaces Manufacturers




Battery selection is confusing. Leave the selection stress to the experts if you are really not sure. We can be contacted easily by live chat or by email. We almost always will respond to your query within a business day. If your battery and model number of your device is shown in the table below you should be good to order. If there are any variances in this info best to check with us first. A twelve months warranty is usually the normal on our Cameron Sino products. It will be stated in the information box below if it is different. How long will my new Cameron Sino product last? This is a difficult one, there are a whole host of factors that will determine your new batteries longevity. Typically as a guide you should get around four to five hundred charges out of your new battery. Because the Cameron Sino factory is actually a ISO 9001 certified factory this means that the factory has been verified to only use the best quality components and manufacture their products to the highest safety specifications, The same as the original factory battery. We always try to make our batteries to meet or exceed the original batteries specifications. The Devices or Products that are described in the information below should be replaced perfectly by our battery from Cameron Sino. Special Remarks:-

The Models and Battery numbers that this battery are known to support can be seen in the data below:-  


Device Models Supported
Hp, pavilion Dv8000, pavilion Dv8000t, pavilion Dv8000z, pavilion Dv8002ea, pavilion Dv8005ea, pavilion Dv8010ea, pavilion Dv8013cl, pavilion Dv8013xx, pavilion Dv8025ea, pavilion Dv8026ea, pavilion Dv8027ea, pavilion Dv8028ea, pavilion Dv8029ea, pavilion Dv8030ea, pavilion Dv8035ea, pavilion Dv8040ca, pavilion Dv8040us, pavilion Dv8040xx, pavilion Dv8045ea, pavilion Dv8050ea, pavilion Dv8051ea, pavilion Dv8075ea, pavilion Dv8088us, pavilion Dv8099xx, pavilion Dv80xxus, pavilion Dv8100, pavilion Dv8102ea, pavilion Dv8110us, pavilion Dv8113cl, pavilion Dv8113ea, pavilion Dv8114ea, pavilion Dv8116ea, pavilion Dv8117ea, pavilion Dv8120ca, pavilion Dv8125nr, pavilion Dv8130us, pavilion Dv8133ea, pavilion Dv8135ea, pavilion Dv8135nr, pavilion Dv8140us, pavilion Dv8155ea, pavilion Dv8173ea, pavilion Dv8175ea, pavilion Dv8176ea, pavilion Dv8177ea, pavilion Dv8178ea, pavilion Dv8179ea, pavilion Dv8195ea, pavilion Dv8197ea, pavilion Dv8199ea, pavilion Dv8200, pavilion Dv8201tx, pavilion Dv8202tx, pavilion Dv8203tx, pavilion Dv8204tx, pavilion Dv8205tx, pavilion Dv8206tx, pavilion Dv8207tx, pavilion Dv8208ea, pavilion Dv8208tx, pavilion Dv8209tx, pavilion Dv8210ca, pavilion Dv8210ea, pavilion Dv8210tx, pavilion Dv8210us, pavilion Dv8211ea, pavilion Dv8211eu, pavilion Dv8211tx, pavilion Dv8212ea, pavilion Dv8212tx, pavilion Dv8213cl, pavilion Dv8213ea, pavilion Dv8213tx, pavilion Dv8214ea, pavilion Dv8214tx, pavilion Dv8215ea, pavilion Dv8215tx, pavilion Dv8216tx, pavilion Dv8217tx, pavilion Dv8218ea, pavilion Dv8218tx, pavilion Dv8219ea, pavilion Dv8220ca, pavilion Dv8220ea, pavilion Dv8220us, pavilion Dv8221ea, pavilion Dv8222ea, pavilion Dv8223ea, pavilion Dv8225ca, pavilion Dv8225ea, pavilion Dv8225nr, pavilion Dv8226ea, pavilion Dv8227ea, pavilion Dv8228ea, pavilion Dv8229ea, pavilion Dv8230ca, pavilion Dv8230ea, pavilion Dv8230us, pavilion Dv8231ea, pavilion Dv8232ea, pavilion Dv8233cl, pavilion Dv8233ea, pavilion Dv8235ea, pavilion Dv8235nr, pavilion Dv8240us, pavilion Dv8251ea, pavilion Dv8252eu, pavilion Dv8253ea, pavilion Dv8254ea, pavilion Dv8256eu, pavilion Dv8260ea, pavilion Dv8261ea, pavilion Dv8263ea, pavilion Dv8275ea, pavilion Dv8275la, pavilion Dv8279ea, pavilion Dv8280ea, pavilion Dv8280us, pavilion Dv8283ea, pavilion Dv8284ea, pavilion Dv8285ea, pavilion Dv8286ea, pavilion Dv8287ea, pavilion Dv8288ea, pavilion Dv8289ea, pavilion Dv8289xx, pavilion Dv8290ea, pavilion Dv8291ea, pavilion Dv8292ea, pavilion Dv8293ea, pavilion Dv8294ea, pavilion Dv8295ea, pavilion Dv8296ea, pavilion Dv8297ea, pavilion Dv8298ea, pavilion Dv8298xx, pavilion Dv8299xx, pavilion Dv8300, pavilion Dv8300tx, pavilion Dv8301nr, pavilion Dv8301tx, pavilion Dv8302tx, pavilion Dv8304tx, pavilion Dv8305ca, pavilion Dv8305tx, pavilion Dv8305us, pavilion Dv8306ea, pavilion Dv8306tx, pavilion Dv8307ea, pavilion Dv8307tx, pavilion Dv8308ea, pavilion Dv8308tx, pavilion Dv8309tx, pavilion Dv8309us, pavilion Dv8310ca, pavilion Dv8310tx, pavilion Dv8310us, pavilion Dv8311tx, pavilion Dv8312tx, pavilion Dv8313tx, pavilion Dv8314tx, pavilion Dv8315ca, pavilion Dv8315nr, pavilion Dv8315tx, pavilion Dv8316tx, pavilion Dv8317ea, pavilion Dv8317tx, pavilion Dv8318ea, pavilion Dv8318tx, pavilion Dv8319tx, pavilion Dv8320ca, pavilion Dv8320ea, pavilion Dv8320tx, pavilion Dv8320us, pavilion Dv8321ea, pavilion Dv8321tx, pavilion Dv8322ea, pavilion Dv8323ea, pavilion Dv8324ea, pavilion Dv8325ea, pavilion Dv8327ca, pavilion Dv8327cl, pavilion Dv8327ea, pavilion Dv8327us, pavilion Dv8328ca, pavilion Dv8328ea, pavilion Dv8330us, pavilion Dv8333cl, pavilion Dv8333ea, pavilion Dv8335ea, pavilion Dv8336ea, pavilion Dv8338ea, pavilion Dv8339us, pavilion Dv8345ea, pavilion Dv8354ea, pavilion Dv8356ea, pavilion Dv8357ea, pavilion Dv8365ea, pavilion Dv8369ea, pavilion Dv8370ea, pavilion Dv8371ea, pavilion Dv8372ea, pavilion Dv8373ea, pavilion Dv8375ea, pavilion Dv8375la, pavilion Dv8377ea, pavilion Dv8378ea, pavilion Dv8379ea, pavilion Dv8380ea, pavilion Dv8380us, pavilion Dv8382ea, pavilion Dv8387ea, pavilion Dv8389ea, pavilion Dv8390ea, pavilion Dv8391ea, pavilion Dv8392ea, pavilion Dv8393ea, pavilion Dv8394ea, pavilion Dv8395ea, pavilion Dv8396ea, pavilion Dv8397ea, pavilion Dv8398ea, pavilion Dv8399ea, pavilion Dv8399xx


Battery Models Supported
Hp, 395789-001, 395789-002, 395789-003, 396008-001, 403808-001, ef419a, eg417aa, hstnn-db20, hstnn-ib20, hstnn-ob20


Manufacturers that this product is known to support:-


Manufacturers Supported

Actual manufacturer


Cameron Sino


Important notes about your Battery Selection!!!

Please make sure that you check the pertinent information before ordering your replacement battery. To be certain of fitment make sure that the battery number, device model and manufacturer are all shown in the description. The only guarantee that this is definitely the correct battery is if this information is checked. Send us a line if you would like us to confirm for you.

Do not be scared! if the capacity of our battery is not the same as your original. The Mah is a figure which shows the capacity of the battery to store charge and will not affect the original equipment or charging. More Mah means longer runtime, less Mah means slightly less runtime.


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