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NameBattery fits Hp, Omnibook Xe3 Omnibook Xe3b 11.1V, 6600mAh - 73.26Wh
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Battery fits Hp, Omnibook Xe3 Omnibook Xe3b 11.1V, 6600mAh - 73.26Wh 1Battery fits Hp, Omnibook Xe3 Omnibook Xe3b 11.1V, 6600mAh - 73.26Wh 2Battery fits Hp, Omnibook Xe3 Omnibook Xe3b 11.1V, 6600mAh - 73.26Wh 3Battery fits Hp, Omnibook Xe3 Omnibook Xe3b 11.1V, 6600mAh - 73.26Wh 4Battery fits Hp, Omnibook Xe3 Omnibook Xe3b 11.1V, 6600mAh - 73.26Wh 5Battery fits Hp, Omnibook Xe3 Omnibook Xe3b 11.1V, 6600mAh - 73.26Wh 6

Quality components are important for the efficient and smooth operation of your battery. We always use the best parts. Battery selection is confusing. Leave the selection stress to the experts if you are really not sure. We can be contacted easily by live chat or by email. We almost always will respond to your query within a business day. This battery is designed to replace the battery in models as described below






6600mAh / 73.26Wh


1 Year

Model Number



Dark blue


180.00 x 81.80 x 20.20mm

Replaces Manufacturers




Battery selection is confusing. Leave the selection stress to the experts if you are really not sure. We can be contacted easily by live chat or by email. We almost always will respond to your query within a business day. Look at all of the details below and make sure that the model of your product and also the battery number are shown in the information below. If for the product fails for any reason which specifically is caused by a manufacturing defect during the 12 month warranty period we will replace the defective item free of charge. We will need to receive the product back for confirmation of fault before we can reissue the replacement. Roughly most lithium technology batteries can be charged around 400 times, Nimh technology usually around four hundred times and Lithium polymer around four hundred times. ISO 9001 certification means that strict manufacturing standards are adhered to. Safety in the battery world is a primary concern for many and as we use only high quality components this makes sure that strict standards are met. The batteries we supply should perform as well as your original if maintained correctly. All of the recommended fitments of this battery and for what it is designed to replace is described in the information below. Special Remarks:-

The Models and Battery numbers that this battery are known to support can be seen in the data below:-  


Device Models Supported
Hp, omnibook Xe3, omnibook Xe3b, omnibook Xe3b-f2300kg, omnibook Xe3b-f2300kt, omnibook Xe3b-f2300wg, omnibook Xe3b-f2300wt, omnibook Xe3b-f2301k, omnibook Xe3b-f2301kt, omnibook Xe3b-f2301w, omnibook Xe3b-f2301wg, omnibook Xe3b-f2301wt, omnibook Xe3b-f2302k, omnibook Xe3b-f2302kt, omnibook Xe3b-f2302w, omnibook Xe3b-f2302wg, omnibook Xe3b-f2302wt, omnibook Xe3b-f2303k, omnibook Xe3b-f2303kt, omnibook Xe3b-f2303w, omnibook Xe3b-f2303wg, omnibook Xe3b-f2303wt, omnibook Xe3b-f2304k, omnibook Xe3b-f2304kg, omnibook Xe3b-f2304kt, omnibook Xe3b-f2304wg, omnibook Xe3b-f2304wr, omnibook Xe3b-f2305k, omnibook Xe3b-f2305kt, omnibook Xe3b-f2305w, omnibook Xe3b-f2305wg, omnibook Xe3b-f2305wt, omnibook Xe3b-f2306k, omnibook Xe3b-f2306kt, omnibook Xe3b-f2306w, omnibook Xe3b-f2306wg, omnibook Xe3b-f2306wr, omnibook Xe3b-f2306wt, omnibook Xe3b-f2307k, omnibook Xe3b-f2307kt, omnibook Xe3b-f2307w, omnibook Xe3b-f2307wg, omnibook Xe3b-f2307wt, omnibook Xe3b-f2308k, omnibook Xe3b-f2308kg, omnibook Xe3b-f2308kt, omnibook Xe3b-f2308w, omnibook Xe3b-f2308wg, omnibook Xe3b-f2308wt, omnibook Xe3b-f2309k, omnibook Xe3b-f2309kt, omnibook Xe3b-f2309w, omnibook Xe3b-f2309wg, omnibook Xe3b-f2309wt, omnibook Xe3b-f2310k, omnibook Xe3b-f2310kt, omnibook Xe3b-f2310w, omnibook Xe3b-f2310wt, omnibook Xe3b-f2311k, omnibook Xe3b-f2311kt, omnibook Xe3b-f2311w, omnibook Xe3b-f2311wt, omnibook Xe3b-f2315k, omnibook Xe3b-f2315w, omnibook Xe3b-f2316k, omnibook Xe3b-f2316w, omnibook Xe3b-f2317k, omnibook Xe3b-f2317w, omnibook Xe3b-f2318k, omnibook Xe3b-f2318w, omnibook Xe3b-f2320k, omnibook Xe3b-f2320kt, omnibook Xe3b-f2320w, omnibook Xe3b-f2320wg, omnibook Xe3b-f2320wt, omnibook Xe3b-f2321k, omnibook Xe3b-f2321kt, omnibook Xe3b-f2321w, omnibook Xe3b-f2321wg, omnibook Xe3b-f2321wt, omnibook Xe3b-f2325k, omnibook Xe3b-f2325kt, omnibook Xe3b-f2325w, omnibook Xe3b-f2325wg, omnibook Xe3b-f2325wt, omnibook Xe3b-f2326k, omnibook Xe3b-f2326kt, omnibook Xe3b-f2326w, omnibook Xe3b-f2326wg, omnibook Xe3b-f2326wt, omnibook Xe3c, omnibook Xe3c-f2330k, omnibook Xe3c-f2330kg, omnibook Xe3c-f2330kt, omnibook Xe3c-f2330w, omnibook Xe3c-f2330wg, omnibook Xe3c-f2330wt, omnibook Xe3c-f2331k, omnibook Xe3c-f2331kg, omnibook Xe3c-f2331kt, omnibook Xe3c-f2331w, omnibook Xe3c-f2331wg, omnibook Xe3c-f2331wt, omnibook Xe3c-f2332k, omnibook Xe3c-f2332kg, omnibook Xe3c-f2332kt, omnibook Xe3c-f2332w, omnibook Xe3c-f2332wg, omnibook Xe3c-f2332wt, omnibook Xe3c-f2333k, omnibook Xe3c-f2333kg, omnibook Xe3c-f2333kt, omnibook Xe3c-f2333w, omnibook Xe3c-f2333wg, omnibook Xe3c-f2333wt, omnibook Xe3c-f2334k, omnibook Xe3c-f2334kg, omnibook Xe3c-f2334kt, omnibook Xe3c-f2334w, omnibook Xe3c-f2334wg, omnibook Xe3c-f2334wt, omnibook Xe3c-f2335k, omnibook Xe3c-f2335kg, omnibook Xe3c-f2335kt, omnibook Xe3c-f2335w, omnibook Xe3c-f2335wg, omnibook Xe3c-f2335wt, omnibook Xe3c-f2336k, omnibook Xe3c-f2336kg, omnibook Xe3c-f2336kt, omnibook Xe3c-f2336w, omnibook Xe3c-f2336wg, omnibook Xe3c-f2336wt, omnibook Xe3c-f2337k, omnibook Xe3c-f2337kg, omnibook Xe3c-f2337kt, omnibook Xe3c-f2337w, omnibook Xe3c-f2337wg, omnibook Xe3c-f2337wt, omnibook Xe3c-f2338k, omnibook Xe3c-f2338kg, omnibook Xe3c-f2338kt, omnibook Xe3c-f2338w, omnibook Xe3c-f2338wg, omnibook Xe3c-f2338wt, omnibook Xe3c-f2339k, omnibook Xe3c-f2339kg, omnibook Xe3c-f2339kt, omnibook Xe3c-f2339w, omnibook Xe3c-f2339wg, omnibook Xe3c-f2339wt, omnibook Xe3c-f2340k, omnibook Xe3c-f2340kg, omnibook Xe3c-f2340kt, omnibook Xe3c-f2340w, omnibook Xe3c-f2340wg, omnibook Xe3c-f2340wt, omnibook Xe3c-f2341k, omnibook Xe3c-f2341kg, omnibook Xe3c-f2341kt, omnibook Xe3c-f2341w, omnibook Xe3c-f2341wg, omnibook Xe3c-f2341wt, omnibook Xe3c-f2342k, omnibook Xe3c-f2342kt, omnibook Xe3c-f2342w, omnibook Xe3c-f2342wt, omnibook Xe3c-f2343k, omnibook Xe3c-f2343kg, omnibook Xe3c-f2343kt, omnibook Xe3c-f2343w, omnibook Xe3c-f2343wg, omnibook Xe3c-f2343wt, omnibook Xe3c-f2344k, omnibook Xe3c-f2344kg, omnibook Xe3c-f2344kt, omnibook Xe3c-f2344w, omnibook Xe3c-f2344wg, omnibook Xe3c-f2344wt, omnibook Xe3c-f2374k, omnibook Xe3c-f2374w, omnibook Xe3c-f2375k, omnibook Xe3c-f2375kt, omnibook Xe3c-f2375w, omnibook Xe3c-f2376k, omnibook Xe3c-f2376w, omnibook Xe3c-f2377k, omnibook Xe3c-f2377w, omnibook Xe3c-f2378k, omnibook Xe3c-f2378w, omnibook Xe3c-f2379k, omnibook Xe3c-f2379kt, omnibook Xe3c-f2379w, omnibook Xe3c-f2379wt, omnibook Xe3c-f2389k, omnibook Xe3c-f2389kg, omnibook Xe3c-f2389kt, omnibook Xe3c-f2389w, omnibook Xe3c-f2389wg, omnibook Xe3c-f2389wt, omnibook Xe3c-f2390k, omnibook Xe3c-f2390kt, omnibook Xe3c-f2390w, omnibook Xe3c-f2390wt, omnibook Xe3c-f2391k, omnibook Xe3c-f2391kt, omnibook Xe3c-f2391wt, omnibook Xe3c-f2392k, omnibook Xe3c-f2392kt, omnibook Xe3c-f2392w, omnibook Xe3c-f2392wt, omnibook Xe3c-f2393k, omnibook Xe3c-f2393kg, omnibook Xe3c-f2393kt, omnibook Xe3c-f2393w, omnibook Xe3c-f2393wg, omnibook Xe3c-f2393wt, omnibook Xe3c-f2394k, omnibook Xe3c-f2394kg, omnibook Xe3c-f2394kt, omnibook Xe3c-f2394w, omnibook Xe3c-f2394wt, omnibook Xe3c-f2395k, omnibook Xe3c-f2395kt, omnibook Xe3-f2112k, omnibook Xe3-f2112kg, omnibook Xe3-f2112kt, omnibook Xe3-f2112w, omnibook Xe3-f2112wg, omnibook Xe3-f2112wt, omnibook Xe3-f2113k, omnibook Xe3-f2113kg, omnibook Xe3-f2113kt, omnibook Xe3-f2113w, omnibook Xe3-f2113wg, omnibook Xe3-f2113wt, omnibook Xe3-f2114k, omnibook Xe3-f2114kg, omnibook Xe3-f2114kt, omnibook Xe3-f2114w, omnibook Xe3-f2114wg, omnibook Xe3-f2114wt, omnibook Xe3-f2115k, omnibook Xe3-f2115kg, omnibook Xe3-f2115kt, omnibook Xe3-f2115w, omnibook Xe3-f2115wg, omnibook Xe3-f2115wt, omnibook Xe3-f2116k, omnibook Xe3-f2116kg, omnibook Xe3-f2116kt, omnibook Xe3-f2116w, omnibook Xe3-f2116wg, omnibook Xe3-f2116wr, omnibook Xe3-f2116wt, omnibook Xe3-f2117k, omnibook Xe3-f2117kg, omnibook Xe3-f2117kt, omnibook Xe3-f2117w, omnibook Xe3-f2117wg, omnibook Xe3-f2117wr, omnibook Xe3-f2117wt, omnibook Xe3-f2118k, omnibook Xe3-f2118kg, omnibook Xe3-f2118kt, omnibook Xe3-f2118w, omnibook Xe3-f2118wg, omnibook Xe3-f2118wt, omnibook Xe3-f2119kg, omnibook Xe3-f2119kt, omnibook Xe3-f2119wg, omnibook Xe3-f2119wt, omnibook Xe3-f2120kg, omnibook Xe3-f2120kt, omnibook Xe3-f2120wg, omnibook Xe3-f2120wt, omnibook Xe3-f2121k, omnibook Xe3-f2121kt, omnibook Xe3-f2121w, omnibook Xe3-f2121wt, omnibook Xe3-f2122k, omnibook Xe3-f2122kt, omnibook Xe3-f2122w, omnibook Xe3-f2122wt, omnibook Xe3-f2123k, omnibook Xe3-f2123kt, omnibook Xe3-f2123w, omnibook Xe3-f2123wt, omnibook Xe3-f2124k, omnibook Xe3-f2124kt, omnibook Xe3-f2124w, omnibook Xe3-f2124wt, omnibook Xe3-f2125k, omnibook Xe3-f2125w, omnibook Xe3-f2126k, omnibook Xe3-f2126w, omnibook Xe3-f2127k, omnibook Xe3-f2127w, omnibook Xe3-f2261m, omnibook Xe3-f2261mt, omnibook Xe3-f2262m, omnibook Xe3-f2262mt, omnibook Xe3-f2278m, omnibook Xe3-f2287w, omnibook Xe3-f2288w, omnibook Xe3-f2289wt, omnibook Xe3-gc, omnibook Xe3-gd, omnibook Xe3-gd-f2409w, omnibook Xe3-gd-f2410w, omnibook Xe3-gd-f2411w, omnibook Xe3-gd-f2412w, omnibook Xe3-gd-f3876wt, omnibook 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Battery Models Supported
Hp, f2024, f2024-80001, f2024-80001a, f2024a, f2024b, f2111, f2111-60901, f2193, f2193-80001, f2193-80001a, f3925-60901, f3928h


Manufacturers that this product is known to support:-


Manufacturers Supported

Actual manufacturer


Cameron Sino


Important notes about your Battery Selection!!!

All of the details that we provide with regards to fitment is supplied by the manufacturers and although we do try to keep this updated we do recommend as a final check its worth comparing your original battery with the one shown. With over twenty thousand different batteries its difficult to keep our records as up to date. We do try but new fitments come on stream every week due to the launch of new products.

Our battery may have a slightly different capacity rating to your original either to increase the runtime of the product or due to the cells still available for the manufacture of the product. The product will still fit and charge as long as your device and battery number is listed.


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