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NameBattery fits Hp, Envy Dv4 Envy Dv4-5200 11.1V, 6600mAh - 73.26Wh
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Battery fits Hp, Envy Dv4 Envy Dv4-5200 11.1V, 6600mAh - 73.26Wh 1Battery fits Hp, Envy Dv4 Envy Dv4-5200 11.1V, 6600mAh - 73.26Wh 2Battery fits Hp, Envy Dv4 Envy Dv4-5200 11.1V, 6600mAh - 73.26Wh 3Battery fits Hp, Envy Dv4 Envy Dv4-5200 11.1V, 6600mAh - 73.26Wh 4Battery fits Hp, Envy Dv4 Envy Dv4-5200 11.1V, 6600mAh - 73.26Wh 5Battery fits Hp, Envy Dv4 Envy Dv4-5200 11.1V, 6600mAh - 73.26Wh 6

Our products will work for the device that it is designed for and the quality is such that it is built to last as long as the original battery. Choosing the right product to fit and replace your battery can be difficult and for those of you who are not technically inclined it is very difficult. We do recommend that you remove the old battery before ordering or at least check with us to see if we can confirm fitment for you if at all possible. This really is the best thing to do. Many manufacturers have 2 or 3 different types of battery fitted in one model. This battery is designed to replace the battery in models as described below






6600mAh / 73.26Wh


1 Year

Model Number





205.70 x 53.30 x 41.0mm

Replaces Manufacturers




Choosing the right product to fit and replace your battery can be difficult and for those of you who are not technically inclined it is very difficult. We do recommend that you remove the old battery before ordering or at least check with us to see if we can confirm fitment for you if at all possible. This really is the best thing to do. Many manufacturers have 2 or 3 different types of battery fitted in one model. Its crucial for you to check the information from your device before ordering, contact us before ordering if you are really not sure. The warranty is valid for a period of one year on all Cameron Sino products unless otherwise stated in the description. The warranty only covers the product against any manufacturing defect. What's the average life of a Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer battery? Usually it is around 400 cycles for Lithium Ion and usually this is the same for Lithium Polymer. Slightly different is Nimh, It should last for around 500 cycles. (cycling a battery means to discharge and recharge.) Its not a common known fact that a cycle will still be used, even if only partially discharged then recharged. Its good practice to run the battery low and recharge when the battery reaches about 10% of its charge left. This will extend the life of the battery and maintain its capacity for charge. ISO 9001 certification means that strict manufacturing standards are adhered to. Safety in the battery world is a primary concern for many and as we use only high quality components this makes sure that strict standards are met. The batteries we supply should perform as well as your original if maintained correctly. If you look at the table below you will find the models that this battery will replace perfectly. Special Remarks:-

The Models and Battery numbers that this battery are known to support can be seen in the data below:-  


Device Models Supported
Hp, envy Dv4, envy Dv4-5200, envy Dv4-5200 Cto, envy Dv4-5201tu, envy Dv4-5201tx, envy Dv4-5202tu, envy Dv4-5202tx, envy Dv4-5203tx, envy Dv4-5205tx, envy Dv4-5206tx, envy Dv4-5208tx, envy Dv4-5209tx, envy Dv4-5211tx, envy Dv4-5213cl, envy Dv4-5216et, envy Dv4-5218et, envy Dv4-5220us, envy Dv4-5260nr, envy Dv4-5266la, envy Dv4t-5200 Cto, envy Dv6, envy Dv6-7200, envy Dv6-7200 Cto, envy Dv6-7200ea, envy Dv6-7200ei, envy Dv6-7200ej, envy Dv6-7200eo, envy Dv6-7200et, envy Dv6-7200sa, envy Dv6-7200sl, envy Dv6-7200st, envy Dv6-7201ax, envy Dv6-7201eg, envy Dv6-7201tu, envy Dv6-7201tx, envy Dv6-7202ax, envy Dv6-7202ee, envy Dv6-7202eg, envy Dv6-7202se, envy Dv6-7202ss, envy Dv6-7205ee, envy Dv6-7205se, envy Dv6-7206tx, envy Dv6-7207tx, envy Dv6-7208tx, envy Dv6-7210ei, envy Dv6-7210tx, envy Dv6-7210us, envy Dv6-7211nr, envy Dv6-7211tx, envy Dv6-7212tx, envy Dv6-7213nr, envy Dv6-7213tx, envy Dv6-7214nr, envy Dv6-7214tx, envy Dv6-7215nr, envy Dv6-7215tx, envy Dv6-7216tx, envy Dv6-7217tx, envy Dv6-7218nr, envy Dv6-7223nr, envy Dv6-7226nr, envy Dv6-7227nr, envy Dv6-7227sa, envy Dv6-7228nr, envy Dv6-7229nr, envy Dv6-7229wm, envy Dv6-7234nr, envy Dv6-7240sg, envy Dv6-7245us, envy Dv6-7246us, envy Dv6-7247cl, envy Dv6-7250ca, envy Dv6-7250eb, envy Dv6-7250ec, envy Dv6-7250er, envy Dv6-7250sb, envy Dv6-7250sr, envy Dv6-7251eo, envy Dv6-7251er, envy Dv6-7263er, envy Dv6-7264er, envy Dv6-7267cl, envy Dv6-7267ez, envy Dv6-7270sp, envy Dv6-7273ca, envy Dv6-7275ez, envy Dv6-7276ez, envy Dv6-7280eb, envy Dv6-7280ef, envy Dv6-7280ez, envy Dv6-7280la, envy Dv6-7280sf, envy Dv6-7280sl, envy Dv6-7280sp, envy Dv6-7290ef, envy Dv6-7290ex, envy Dv6-7290sf, envy Dv6-7291sf, envy Dv6-7292nr, envy Dv6z-7200 Cto, envy M6, envy M6-1100, envy M6-1100er, envy M6-1100ex, envy M6-1101ek, envy M6-1101er, envy M6-1101sg, envy M6-1101so, envy M6-1101sr, envy M6-1101tx, envy M6-1102eia, envy M6-1102eo, envy M6-1102er, envy M6-1102sa, envy M6-1102so, envy M6-1102tx, envy M6-1103ee, envy M6-1103eo, envy M6-1103er, envy M6-1103es, envy M6-1103se, envy M6-1103so, pavilion Dv4, pavilion Dv4-5000, pavilion Dv4-5001tu, pavilion Dv4-5002tx, pavilion Dv4-5003tx, pavilion Dv4-5004tx, pavilion Dv4-5006tx, pavilion Dv4-5008tx, pavilion Dv4-5009tx, pavilion Dv4-5010tx, pavilion Dv4-5011tx, pavilion Dv4-5012tx, pavilion Dv4-5014tx, pavilion Dv4-5015tx, pavilion Dv4-5016tx, pavilion Dv4-5018tx, pavilion Dv4-5019tx, pavilion Dv4-5020tx, pavilion Dv4-5099, pavilion Dv4-5106tx, pavilion Dv4-5200, pavilion Dv6, pavilion Dv6-6b00, pavilion Dv6-7000, pavilion Dv6-7000ee, pavilion Dv6-7000ej, pavilion Dv6-7000em, pavilion Dv6-7000se, pavilion Dv6-7000sq, pavilion Dv6-7000sy, pavilion Dv6-7001ax, pavilion Dv6-7001em, pavilion Dv6-7001ev, pavilion Dv6-7001tu, pavilion Dv6-7001tx, pavilion Dv6-7002ax, pavilion Dv6-7002ed, pavilion Dv6-7002ev, pavilion Dv6-7002sm, pavilion Dv6-7002ss, pavilion Dv6-7002st, pavilion Dv6-7002tu, pavilion Dv6-7002tx, pavilion Dv6-7003ax, pavilion Dv6-7003em, pavilion Dv6-7003et, pavilion Dv6-7003sp, pavilion Dv6-7003sq, pavilion Dv6-7003ss, pavilion Dv6-7003tx, pavilion Dv6-7003xx, pavilion Dv6-7004es, pavilion Dv6-7004ss, pavilion Dv6-7004tx, pavilion Dv6-7005ep, pavilion Dv6-7005sp, pavilion Dv6-7006ed, pavilion Dv6-7007tx, pavilion Dv6-7008tx, pavilion Dv6-7009ss, pavilion Dv6-7009tx, pavilion Dv6-7010ej, pavilion Dv6-7010eo, pavilion Dv6-7010ss, pavilion Dv6-7010tx, pavilion Dv6-7010us, pavilion Dv6-7011eo, pavilion Dv6-7011tx, pavilion Dv6-7012tx, pavilion Dv6-7013cl, pavilion Dv6-7013tx, pavilion Dv6-7014nr, pavilion Dv6-7014tx, pavilion Dv6-7015ca, pavilion Dv6-7017tx, pavilion Dv6-7018tx, pavilion Dv6-7019tx, pavilion Dv6-7020sg, pavilion Dv6-7020tx, pavilion Dv6-7020us, pavilion Dv6-7022eo, pavilion Dv6-7022tx, pavilion Dv6-7023tx, pavilion Dv6-7024eo, pavilion Dv6-7024nr, pavilion Dv6-7024tx, pavilion Dv6-7025tx, pavilion Dv6-7026tx, pavilion Dv6-7027nr, pavilion Dv6-7027tx, pavilion Dv6-7028tx, pavilion Dv6-7029tx, pavilion Dv6-7029wm, pavilion Dv6-7030ee, pavilion Dv6-7030ei, pavilion Dv6-7030eo, pavilion Dv6-7030ez, pavilion Dv6-7030se, pavilion Dv6-7030sz, pavilion Dv6-7030tx, pavilion Dv6-7031tx, pavilion Dv6-7032tx, pavilion Dv6-7033tx, pavilion Dv6-7034tx, pavilion Dv6-7035tx, pavilion Dv6-7036tx, pavilion Dv6-7037tx, pavilion Dv6-7038tx, pavilion Dv6-7039tx, pavilion Dv6-7040tx, pavilion Dv6-7043cl, pavilion Dv6-7045ez, pavilion Dv6-7045sz, pavilion Dv6-7050ca, pavilion Dv6-7050ea, pavilion Dv6-7050eb, pavilion Dv6-7050ei, pavilion Dv6-7050er, pavilion Dv6-7050ez, pavilion Dv6-7050sb, pavilion Dv6-7050sw, pavilion Dv6-7051ea, pavilion Dv6-7051er, pavilion Dv6-7051sa, pavilion Dv6-7051sr, pavilion Dv6-7051xx, pavilion Dv6-7052er, pavilion Dv6-7052sr, pavilion Dv6-7053ea, pavilion Dv6-7053er, pavilion Dv6-7054er, pavilion Dv6-7055er, pavilion Dv6-7055sr, pavilion Dv6-7056er, pavilion Dv6-7057er, pavilion Dv6-7057sr, pavilion Dv6-7058er, pavilion Dv6-7060er, pavilion Dv6-7060sf, pavilion Dv6-7060sw, pavilion Dv6-7061sa, pavilion Dv6-7062sf, pavilion Dv6-7063ea, pavilion Dv6-7063sa, pavilion Dv6-7070ee, pavilion Dv6-7070ef, pavilion Dv6-7070el, pavilion Dv6-7070ew, pavilion Dv6-7070ex, pavilion Dv6-7070se, pavilion Dv6-7070sf, pavilion Dv6-7070sw, pavilion Dv6-7071sf, pavilion Dv6-7073ca, pavilion Dv6-7075eo, pavilion Dv6-7077eo, pavilion Dv6-7078ca, pavilion Dv6-7080eb, pavilion Dv6-7080ee, pavilion Dv6-7080se, pavilion Dv6-7081eg, pavilion Dv6-7082eg, pavilion Dv6-7084la, pavilion Dv6-7086la, pavilion Dv6-7090ef, pavilion Dv6-7090el, pavilion Dv6-7090sf, pavilion Dv6-7093eo, pavilion Dv6-7095ca, pavilion Dv6-7096eo, pavilion Dv6-7097eo, pavilion Dv6-7099el, pavilion Dv6-7099eo, pavilion Dv6-7100, pavilion Dv6-7200, pavilion Dv6-7218tx, pavilion Dv6-8099, pavilion Dv6t-7000 Cto, pavilion Dv6t-8000, pavilion Dv6z-7000 Cto, pavilion Dv7, pavilion Dv7-6c00, pavilion Dv7-7000, pavilion Dv7-7000ee, pavilion Dv7-7000em, pavilion Dv7-7000eo, pavilion Dv7-7000er, pavilion Dv7-7000ev, pavilion Dv7-7000ex, pavilion Dv7-7000se, pavilion Dv7-7000sg, pavilion Dv7-7000sm, pavilion Dv7-7001em, pavilion Dv7-7001er, pavilion Dv7-7001et, pavilion Dv7-7001ev, pavilion Dv7-7001sg, pavilion Dv7-7001sm, pavilion Dv7-7001sq, pavilion Dv7-7001sr, pavilion Dv7-7001st, pavilion Dv7-7002ed, pavilion Dv7-7002eg, pavilion Dv7-7002el, pavilion Dv7-7002er, pavilion Dv7-7002sp, pavilion Dv7-7002sr, pavilion Dv7-7003eo, pavilion Dv7-7003ep, pavilion Dv7-7003er, pavilion Dv7-7003es, pavilion Dv7-7003sp, pavilion Dv7-7003ss, pavilion Dv7-7003tx, pavilion Dv7-7003xx, pavilion Dv7-7004er, pavilion Dv7-7004sl, pavilion Dv7-7005eo, pavilion Dv7-7005er, pavilion Dv7-7005sr, pavilion Dv7-7005tx, pavilion Dv7-7006er, pavilion Dv7-7006sr, pavilion Dv7-7006ss, pavilion Dv7-7006tx, pavilion Dv7-7007ss, pavilion Dv7-7007tx, pavilion Dv7-7008tx, pavilion Dv7-7009ed, pavilion Dv7-7009tx, pavilion Dv7-7010us, pavilion Dv7-7012nr, pavilion Dv7-7015ca, pavilion Dv7-7020ec, pavilion Dv7-7020eo, pavilion Dv7-7020sg, pavilion Dv7-7020us, pavilion Dv7-7022eo, pavilion Dv7-7023cl, pavilion Dv7-7025dx, pavilion Dv7-7027cl, pavilion Dv7-7030ei, pavilion Dv7-7030us, pavilion Dv7-7035ez, pavilion Dv7-7035sz, pavilion Dv7-7037ez, pavilion Dv7-7040ez, pavilion Dv7-7044eo, pavilion Dv7-7047cl, pavilion Dv7-7050ea, pavilion Dv7-7050eb, pavilion Dv7-7050sb, pavilion Dv7-7051xx, pavilion Dv7-7057ez, pavilion Dv7-7060eb, pavilion Dv7-7060sb, pavilion Dv7-7061ea, pavilion Dv7-7061sf, pavilion Dv7-7062ea, pavilion Dv7-7063ea, pavilion Dv7-7064ea, pavilion Dv7-7065sf, pavilion Dv7-7070eo, pavilion Dv7-7070ew, pavilion Dv7-7070ez, pavilion Dv7-7070sw, pavilion Dv7-7071ef, pavilion Dv7-7071sf, pavilion Dv7-7072ew, pavilion Dv7-7073ca, pavilion Dv7-7080eb, pavilion Dv7-7080el, pavilion Dv7-7080eo, pavilion Dv7-7081eg, pavilion Dv7-7082eg, pavilion Dv7-7090ef, pavilion Dv7-7090sf, pavilion Dv7-7099, pavilion Dv7-7099ef, pavilion Dv7-7099el, pavilion Dv7-7099sf, pavilion Dv7-7100, pavilion Dv7-7200, pavilion Dv7t-7000 Cto, pavilion M6-1000


Battery Models Supported
Hp, 671567-421, 671567-831, 671731-001, 672326-421, h2l55aa, hstnn-lb3n, hstnn-lb3p, mo06


Manufacturers that this product is known to support:-


Manufacturers Supported

Actual manufacturer


Cameron Sino


Important notes about your Battery Selection!!!

IF you do not confirm that the device manufacturer, The model number and also the battery part number are listed in our product details then we cannot be responsible for any ordering mistakes. Its really easy to check with us first and makes sense if there is any doubt in your mind. Some manufacturers have more than one battery type fitted in like models. We recommend that you remove the original battery before ordering to confirm this. If you are not sure we may be able to confirm for you.

Our battery may have a slightly different capacity rating to your original either to increase the runtime of the product or due to the cells still available for the manufacture of the product. The product will still fit and charge as long as your device and battery number is listed.


Frequently Asked Questions

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"Ordered yesterday @ 15:30, product delivered in today's mail-AWESOME. Ordered yesterday @ 15:30, product delivered in today's mail-AWESOME! Canadian company, helpful staff, reasonable prices, FAST delivery. I will certainly recommend BatteryBuyer to everyone needing batteries. Keep up the good work!!! Plus the new site is so much easier than the old site!!!"
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