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NameBattery fits Acer, Aspire 4250 Aspire 4250-c52g25mikk 11.1V, 8800mAh - 97.68Wh
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Battery fits Acer, Aspire 4250 Aspire 4250-c52g25mikk 11.1V, 8800mAh - 97.68Wh 1Battery fits Acer, Aspire 4250 Aspire 4250-c52g25mikk 11.1V, 8800mAh - 97.68Wh 2Battery fits Acer, Aspire 4250 Aspire 4250-c52g25mikk 11.1V, 8800mAh - 97.68Wh 3Battery fits Acer, Aspire 4250 Aspire 4250-c52g25mikk 11.1V, 8800mAh - 97.68Wh 4Battery fits Acer, Aspire 4250 Aspire 4250-c52g25mikk 11.1V, 8800mAh - 97.68Wh 5Battery fits Acer, Aspire 4250 Aspire 4250-c52g25mikk 11.1V, 8800mAh - 97.68Wh 6

The battery that we show will replace the original and provide you with an alternative to most OEM batteries, The guarantee we provide is that the battery will be fresh and free from defects. Ideally both your model number and battery number are listed in the product description if this is the case you can be almost certain that you are ordering the correct battery. If we say it will fit and both these pieces of information match your product and it still does not fit we will exchange or refund the battery at our expense. This battery is designed to replace the battery in models as described below






8800mAh / 97.68Wh


1 Year

Model Number





270.00 x 41.96 x 54.68mm

Replaces Manufacturers




Ideally both your model number and battery number are listed in the product description if this is the case you can be almost certain that you are ordering the correct battery. If we say it will fit and both these pieces of information match your product and it still does not fit we will exchange or refund the battery at our expense. Please confirm the fitment of this battery by checking that the model of your device and also your battery model number are shown in the details below. offer a one year warranty to guarantee against manufacturing defects unless otherwise stated, The warranty does covers against defects caused from improper manufacture but not if the battery has been misused or modified. Top quality cells are used in all products but all cells have a cycle life. We have to balance the replacement cost of the battery against the life of the product that its being used for. You can expect that a Lithium Ion or a lithium Polymer cell will last for around 400 cycles, Nimh can be cycled for a around five hundred cycles. Its always best to charge your battery only when it gets low. Continual charging will reduce the overall life expectancy of your battery. Batteries supplied by us from Cameron Sino are designed to be as durable as the original OEM battery in fact sometimes we actually surpass the original batteries with longer runtime higher capacity products. The ISO 9001 certification means that the battery uses high quality components, Each cells rating can be seen in the table above. Actual capacity and voltage may vary slightly from the original due to cell availability at the time of manufacture. This aftermarket battery is designed to replace the models shown below. Check for both the battery number and model. Special Remarks:-

The Models and Battery numbers that this battery are known to support can be seen in the data below:-  


Device Models Supported
Acer, Aspire 4250, Aspire 4250-c52g25mikk, Aspire 4250-e352g50mi, Aspire 4250g, Aspire 4250z, Aspire 4251, Aspire 4251g, Aspire 4251z, Aspire 4252, Aspire 4252g, Aspire 4252z, Aspire 4253, Aspire 4253g, Aspire 4333, Aspire 4339, Aspire 4349, Aspire 4350, Aspire 4350g, Aspire 4352, Aspire 4551, Aspire 4551g, Aspire 4551g-p322g32mn, Aspire 4551p, Aspire 4552, Aspire 4552-5078, Aspire 4552g, Aspire 4560, Aspire 4560g, Aspire 4625, Aspire 4733z, Aspire 4738, Aspire 4738g, Aspire 4738z, Aspire 4738zg, Aspire 4739, Aspire 4739z, Aspire 4741, Aspire 4741g, Aspire 4741g-332g32mnsk, Aspire 4741g-332g50mn, Aspire 4741g-372g50mnkk02, Aspire 4741g-372g50mnkk06, Aspire 4741g-432g50mnkk01, Aspire 4741g-5452g50mnkk04, Aspire 4741g-5462g50mnkk05, Aspire 4741g-5464g50mn, Aspire 4741z, Aspire 4741zg, Aspire 4741zg-p602g50mnkkc, Aspire 4741zg-p622g50mnkk03, Aspire 4743, Aspire 4743g, Aspire 4743z, Aspire 4743zg, Aspire 4749, Aspire 4749z, Aspire 4750, Aspire 4750g, Aspire 4750zg, Aspire 4752, Aspire 4752g, Aspire 4752z, Aspire 4752zg, Aspire 4755, Aspire 4755g, Aspire 4755zg, Aspire 4771, Aspire 4771g, Aspire 4771z, Aspire 5250, Aspire 5250-c52g25mikk, Aspire 5250-c53g25mikk, Aspire 5250-c53g50mikk, Aspire 5250-e352g32mikk, Aspire 5251, Aspire 5251-1005, Aspire 5251-1549, Aspire 5252, Aspire 5253, Aspire 5253-c54g50mnkk, Aspire 5253-e354g32mnkk, Aspire 5253g, Aspire 5333, Aspire 5336, Aspire 5336-2281, Aspire 5336-2283, Aspire 5336-2524, Aspire 5336-2613, Aspire 5336-2615, Aspire 5336-2634, Aspire 5336-2754, Aspire 5336-2864, Aspire 5336-901g25mncc, Aspire 5336-901g25mnkk, Aspire 5336-901g25mnrr, Aspire 5336-901g32mncc, Aspire 5336-901g32mnkk, Aspire 5336-901g32mnrr, Aspire 5336-902g16mncc, Aspire 5336-902g16mnkk, Aspire 5336-902g25mncc, Aspire 5336-902g25mnkk, Aspire 5336-902g25mnrr, Aspire 5336-902g32mnrr, Aspire 5336-902g50mnrr, Aspire 5336-903g25mnkk, Aspire 5336-903g32mnkk, Aspire 5336-t352g25mikk, Aspire 5336-t352g25mncc, Aspire 5336-t352g25mnkk, Aspire 5336-t352g25mnrr, Aspire 5336-t353g25mnkk, Aspire 5336-t353g32mncc, Aspire 5336-t353g32mnkk, Aspire 5336-t353g50mnkk, Aspire 5336-t354g25mnrr, Aspire 5336-t354g32mncc, Aspire 5336-t354g32mnkk, Aspire 5336-t354g32mnrr, Aspire 5336-t354g50mnkk, Aspire 5342, Aspire 5349, Aspire 5349-b804g32mikk, Aspire 5349-b812g32mikk, Aspire 5350, Aspire 5551, Aspire 5551-2013, Aspire 5551-2036, Aspire 5551-2805, Aspire 5551-4200, Aspire 5551-4937, Aspire 5551g, Aspire 5551g-4280, Aspire 5551g-4591, Aspire 5551g-p324g32mn, Aspire 5551-p323g32mnsk, Aspire 5552, Aspire 5552g, Aspire 5560, Aspire 5560 V3, Aspire 5560g, Aspire 5733, Aspire 5733-6410, Aspire 5733-6424, Aspire 5733-6489, Aspire 5733z, Aspire 5733z-p614g50mikk, Aspire 5733z-p624g32mnkk, Aspire 5733z-p624g50mikk, Aspire 5736, Aspire 5736g, Aspire 5736z, Aspire 5736zg, Aspire 5741, Aspire 5741 Series Aspire 5741, Aspire 5741-332g25mn, Aspire 5741-333g32mn, Aspire 5741-334g32mn, Aspire 5741-334g50mn, Aspire 5741-3404, Aspire 5741-3541, Aspire 5741-433g32mn, Aspire 5741-434g50mn, Aspire 5741-5698, Aspire 5741-5763, Aspire 5741g, Aspire 5741g-332g50mn, Aspire 5741g-333g32bn, Aspire 5741g-334g50mn, Aspire 5741g-334g64mn, Aspire 5741g-434g64bn, Aspire 5741g-5452g50mnck, Aspire 5741g-5452g50mnkk, Aspire 5741g-5452g50mnsk, Aspire 5741-h32c/s, Aspire 5741-h32c/sf, Aspire 5741-h54d/ls, Aspire 5741-h54d/s, Aspire 5741-n32c/kf, Aspire 5741-n32d/k, Aspire 5741-n54e/k, Aspire 5741-n54e/kf, Aspire 5741z, Aspire 5741zg, Aspire 5742, Aspire 5742g, Aspire 5742z, Aspire 5742zg, Aspire 5749, Aspire 5749-2334g75mikk, Aspire 5749-2354g75mnkk, Aspire 5749z, Aspire 5749z-b964g64mikk, Aspire 5750, Aspire 5750g, Aspire 5750g-2312g50, Aspire 5750tg, Aspire 5750z, Aspire 5750zg, Aspire 5755, Aspire 5755g, Aspire 5755z, Aspire 5755zg, Aspire 7251, Aspire 7551, Aspire 7551-2755, Aspire 7551-3068, Aspire 7551-3416, Aspire 7551-3634, Aspire 7551-5358, Aspire 7551g, Aspire 7551g-5407, Aspire 7551g-5821, Aspire 7551g-6477, Aspire 7551z, Aspire 7551zg, Aspire 7552, Aspire 7552g, Aspire 7552g-5107, Aspire 7552g-5488, Aspire 7552g-6061, Aspire 7560, Aspire 7560g, Aspire 7741, Aspire 7741-333g25mn, Aspire 7741-5137, Aspire 7741-7870, Aspire 7741g, Aspire 7741g-333g25bn, Aspire 7741g-333g32mn, Aspire 7741g-334g50mn, Aspire 7741g-3647, Aspire 7741g-374g64mn, Aspire 7741g-434g50mn, Aspire 7741g-464g64mn, Aspire 7741g-7017, Aspire 7741z, Aspire 7741z-4475, Aspire 7741z-4592, Aspire 7741z-4633, Aspire 7741z-4643, Aspire 7741z-4815, Aspire 7741z-5731, Aspire 7741zg, Aspire 7741zg-p604g50mn, Aspire 7741z-p614g50mn, Aspire 7750, Aspire 7750g, Aspire 7750g-7674g75mnkk, Aspire 7750z, Aspire 7750zg, Aspire As4250-c52g25mikk, Aspire As5250, Aspire As5250-c52g25mikk, Aspire As5250-c53g25mikk, Aspire As5250-e352g32mikk, Aspire As5253, Aspire As5253-c52g32mnkk, Aspire As5253-c54g50mnkk, Aspire As5253-e353g32mnr, Aspire As5253-e353g32mnrr, Aspire As5253-e354g32mnkk, Aspire As5741, Aspire As5741-h32c/s, Aspire As5741-h32c/sf, Aspire As5741-h54d/ls, Aspire As5741-h54d/s, Aspire As5741-h54d/sf, Aspire As5741-n32c/kf, Aspire As5741-n32d/k, Aspire As5741-n54e/k, Aspire As5741-n54e/kf, Aspire E1, Aspire E1-471g-32352g50mnks, Aspire E1-521, Aspire E1-531-2644, Aspire E1-531-2697, Aspire E1-531-4444, Aspire E1-531-4694, Aspire E1-531-b824g32mnks, Aspire E1-531-b8304g50mnks, Aspire E1-531-b9504g32mnks, Aspire E1-531-b9604g50mnks, Aspire E1-571-32324g50mnks, Aspire E1-571-33114g50mnks, Aspire E1-571-53214g50mnks, Aspire E1-571-53216g50mnks, Aspire E1-571-6442, Aspire E1-571-6454, Aspire E1-571-6481, Aspire E1-571-6490, Aspire E1-571-6492, Aspire E1-571-6634, Aspire E1-571-6650, Aspire V3, Aspire V3-471, Aspire V3-471g, Aspire V3-551, Aspire V3-551-84504g50makk, Aspire V3-551-8469, Aspire V3-551-8664, Aspire V3-551-8809, Aspire V3-551g-84504g50makk, Aspire V3-551g-8454, Aspire V3-571, Aspire V3-571-53216g75makk, Aspire V3-571-6643, Aspire V3-571-6698, Aspire V3-571-6800, Aspire V3-571-73634g50makk, Aspire V3-571-73636g75makk, Aspire V3-571-9401, Aspire V3-571-9831, Aspire V3-571-9890, Aspire V3-571g-52454g75mai, Aspire V3-571g-53214g50makk, Aspire V3-571g-6407, Aspire V3-571g-6602, Aspire V3-571g-6641, Aspire V3-571g-9435, Aspire V3-571g-9686, Aspire V3-731, Aspire V3-731-4473, Aspire V3-731-4695, Aspire V3-731-b9606g50makk, Aspire V3-771, Aspire V3-771-6683, Aspire V3-771g, Aspire V3-771g-53238g75maii, Aspire V3-771g-6601, Aspire V3-771g-6650, Aspire V3-771g-9665, Aspire V3-771g-9875, Emachines E732, Emachines E732-3382g50-w7hb, Emachines E732-372g16mnkk, Emachines E732-372g32mikk, Emachines E732-373g32mn, Emachines E732-374g50mnkk, Emachines E732-382g32mikk, Emachines E732-382g50mn, Emachines E732-383g50mnkk, Emachines E732g-333g32mnkk, Emachines E732g-3382g50mn, Emachines E732g-373g32mnkk, Emachines E732g-373g50mnkk, Emachines E732g-374g50mnkk, Emachines E732g-383g50mnkk, Emachines E732g-384g50mnkk, Emachines E732z-a12b, Emachines E732zg-p612g25mikk, Emachines E732zg-p613g32mnkk, Emachines E732zg-p614g32mnkk, Emachines E732zg-p614g50mn, Emachines E732zg-p622g32mikk, Emachines E732z-p612g32, Emachines E732z-p613g32mnkk, Emachines E732z-p622g25mnkk, Emachines E732z-p622g32mn, Emachines E732z-p622g32mnkk, Emachines Eme732-372g25mnkk, Travelmate 4370, Travelmate 4740, Travelmate 4740-352g32mn, Travelmate 4740-432g50mna, Travelmate 4740-5261, Travelmate 4740-5452g50mnssb, Travelmate 4740-5462g50mnss02, Travelmate 4740-7552, Travelmate 4740-7787, Travelmate 4740g, Travelmate 4740z, Travelmate 4740zg, Travelmate 4750, Travelmate 4750-2354g32mnss, Travelmate 4750g, Travelmate 4750z, Travelmate 4750zg, Travelmate 5335, Travelmate 5335g, Travelmate 5335z, Travelmate 5340, Travelmate 5340g, Travelmate 5344, Travelmate 5360, Travelmate 5360g, Travelmate 5542, Travelmate 5542g, Travelmate 5542-p342g25mnss, Travelmate 5735, Travelmate 5735g, Travelmate 5735z, Travelmate 5735zg, Travelmate 5740, Travelmate 5740-332g16mn, Travelmate 5740-332g25mn, Travelmate 5740-333g25mn, Travelmate 5740-333g32mn, Travelmate 5740-352g25mn, Travelmate 5740-372g25mnss, Travelmate 5740-434g32mn, Travelmate 5740-5092, Travelmate 5740-524g32mn, Travelmate 5740-5896, Travelmate 5740-5952, Travelmate 5740-6070, Travelmate 5740-6291, Travelmate 5740-6529, Travelmate 5740g, Travelmate 5740g-334g32mn, Travelmate 5740g-434g32mn, Travelmate 5740g-524g50mn, Travelmate 5740g-528g64mn, Travelmate 5740g-5452g32mnss, Travelmate 5740g-6765, Travelmate 5740z, Travelmate 5740zg, Travelmate 5740z-p602g25mn, Travelmate 5740z-p604g32mnss, Travelmate 5742, Travelmate 5742-372g25mn, Travelmate 5742-373g32mn, Travelmate 5742-463g32mn, Travelmate 5742-5562g50mnss01, Travelmate 5742-7013, Travelmate 5742-7159, Travelmate 5742-7399, Travelmate 5742-7906, Travelmate 5742-7908, Travelmate 5742g, Travelmate 5742z, Travelmate 5742z-4693, Travelmate 5742zg, Travelmate 5744, Travelmate 5744-372g32mikk, Travelmate 5744-384g32mnkk, Travelmate 5744-484g50mnkk, Travelmate 5744g, Travelmate 5744z, Travelmate 5760, Travelmate 5760g, Travelmate 6495, Travelmate 6495g, Travelmate 6495t, Travelmate 6495tg, Travelmate 6595, Travelmate 6595g, Travelmate 7340, Travelmate 7740, Travelmate 7740 Series Travelmate 7740, Travelmate 7740-352g32mn, Travelmate 7740-353g25mnss, Travelmate 7740-434g32mnss, Travelmate 7740g, Travelmate 7740g-434g50mnss, Travelmate 7740z, Travelmate 7740zg, Travelmate 7740zg-p604g50mnss, Travelmate 7740z-p604g32mnss, Travelmate 7750, Travelmate 7750g, Travelmate 7750z, Travelmate 7750zg, Travelmate 8472, Travelmate 8472 Hf, Travelmate 8472g, Travelmate 8472g Hf, Travelmate 8472t, Travelmate 8472t Hf, Travelmate 8472tg, Travelmate 8472tg Hf, Travelmate 8473, Travelmate 8473g, Travelmate 8473t, Travelmate 8473tg, Travelmate 8572, Travelmate 8572g, Travelmate 8572t, Travelmate 8572t Hf, Travelmate 8572tg, Travelmate 8573, Travelmate 8573g, Travelmate 8573t, Travelmate 8573tg, Travelmate P243, Travelmate P243-m-33114g50mikk, Travelmate P243-m-53214g50mikk, Travelmate P243-m-6617, Travelmate P243-m-6807, Travelmate P243-mg, Travelmate P453, Travelmate P453-m, Travelmate P453-m-33114g50mikk, Travelmate P453-m-53214g50mikk, Travelmate P453-m-6425, Travelmate P453-m-6888, Travelmate P453-mg, Travelmate Tm5740, ravelmate Tm5740-x322, Travelmate Tm5740-x322d, Travelmate Tm5740-x322df, Travelmate Tm5740-x322dhbf, Travelmate Tm5740-x322dof, Travelmate Tm5740-x322dpf, Travelmate Tm5740-x322f, Travelmate Tm5740-x322hbf, Travelmate Tm5740-x322of, Travelmate Tm5740-x322pf, Travelmate Tm5740-x522, Travelmate Tm5740-x522d, Travelmate Tm5740-x522df, Travelmate Tm5740-x522dhbf, Travelmate Tm5740-x522dof, Travelmate Tm5740-x522dpf, Travelmate Tm5740-x522f, Travelmate Tm5740-x522hbf, Travelmate Tm5740-x522of, Travelmate Tm5740-x522pf, Travelmate Tm5742, Travelmate Tm5742-x732, Travelmate Tm5742-x732d, Travelmate Tm5742-x732df, Travelmate Tm5742-x732dhbf, Travelmate Tm5742-x732dof, Travelmate Tm5742-x732dpf, Travelmate Tm5742-x732f, Travelmate Tm5742-x732hbf, Travelmate Tm5742-x732of, Travelmate Tm5742-x732pf, Travelmate Tm5742-x742, Travelmate Tm5742-x742d, Travelmate Tm5742-x742df, Travelmate Tm5742-x742dhbf, Travelmate Tm5742-x742dof, Travelmate Tm5742-x742dpf, Travelmate Tm5742-x742f, Travelmate Tm5742-x742hbf, Travelmate Tm5742-x742of, Travelmate Tm5742-x742pf, Emachines, D442, D528, E440, E442, E640, New85, Gateway, Ns41i, Ns51i, Nv4900, Nv49c, Nv49c13c, Nv50a, Nv51b, Nv53, Nv5331u, Nv5337u, Nv5378u, Nv5387u, Nv53a, Nv53a24u, Nv53a36u, Nv53a52u, Nv55c, Nv55c03u, Nv55c11u, Nv55c14u, Nv55c15u, Nv55c17u, Nv55c19u, Nv55c22u, Nv55c24u, Nv55c25u, Nv55c26u, Nv55c28u, Nv55c29u, Nv55c30u, Nv55c31u, Nv55c32u, Nv55c33u, Nv55c34u, Nv55c38u, Nv55c39u, Nv55c44u, Nv5926, Nv5926u, Nv5929u, Nv5930u, Nv5932, Nv5932u, Nv5933u, Nv5935u, Nv59c, Nv59c05u, Nv59c09u, Nv59c11u, Nv59c26u, Nv59c27u, Nv59c28u, Nv59c31u, Nv59c32u, Nv59c34u, Nv59c35u, Nv59c40u, Nv59c41u, Nv59c42u, Nv59c43u, Nv59c44u, Nv59c46u, Nv59c47u, Nv59c48u, Nv59c49u, Nv59c50u, Nv59c56u, Nv59c57u, Nv59c66u, Nv73a, Nv73a08u, 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Battery Models Supported
Acer, 31cr19/652, 31cr19/65-2, 31cr19/66-2, 3inr19/65-2, Ak.006bt.075, Ak.006bt.080, As10d, As10d31, As10d3e, As10d41, As10d51, As10d5e, As10d61, As10d71, As10d73, As10d75, As10d7e, As10d81, Aspire E1-571g, Bt.00603.111, Bt.00603.117, Bt.00603.124, Bt.00603.129, Bt.00604.049, Bt.00605.062, Bt.00605.065, Bt.00605.072, Bt.00605.072m, Bt.00606.008, Bt.00607.125, Bt.00607.126, Bt.00607.127, Bt.00607.130, Bt.0060g.001, Lc.btp00.123, Lc.btp0a.015, Gateway, 31cr19/652, As10d31, As10d3e, As10d41, As10d51, As10d61, As10d71, Bt.00603.111, Bt.00606.008, Bt.00607.125, Bt.00607.127


Manufacturers that this product is known to support:-


Manufacturers Supported

Actual manufacturer


Cameron Sino


Important notes about your Battery Selection!!!

If you can confirm that all the details listed below match to your original battery before ordering this will avoid any costly wrong order returns. Please be aware that some models have more than one battery type available and the only way you can confirm the correct battery is to remove the original.

If the capacity of the battery that we show is different to that of your original this does not mean that ours will not fit, it just means that our replacement battery will store slightly less or slightly more charge than the original.


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