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NameBattery fits Hp, Dm1-4000 Mini 110-4100 11.1V, 4400mAh - 48.84Wh
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Battery fits Hp, Dm1-4000 Mini 110-4100 11.1V, 4400mAh - 48.84Wh 1Battery fits Hp, Dm1-4000 Mini 110-4100 11.1V, 4400mAh - 48.84Wh 2Battery fits Hp, Dm1-4000 Mini 110-4100 11.1V, 4400mAh - 48.84Wh 3Battery fits Hp, Dm1-4000 Mini 110-4100 11.1V, 4400mAh - 48.84Wh 4Battery fits Hp, Dm1-4000 Mini 110-4100 11.1V, 4400mAh - 48.84Wh 5Battery fits Hp, Dm1-4000 Mini 110-4100 11.1V, 4400mAh - 48.84Wh 6

The batteries we supply almost always will match the existing batteries capacity. Sometimes there may be a difference due to the availability of components. Contact us if there is any questions as to the fitment of the battery for your device its better that you do this before you order as return shipping if you make a mistake will be covered by yourself. we can select the correct battery for you. If we make the selection you can be assured that if there are any fitment the exchange or return falls to us and we will cover any costs involved. This battery is designed to replace the battery in models as described below






4400mAh / 48.84Wh


1 Year

Model Number





202.10 x 50.70 x 21.50mm

Replaces Manufacturers




Contact us if there is any questions as to the fitment of the battery for your device its better that you do this before you order as return shipping if you make a mistake will be covered by yourself. we can select the correct battery for you. If we make the selection you can be assured that if there are any fitment the exchange or return falls to us and we will cover any costs involved. Please confirm the fitment of this battery by checking that the model of your device and also your battery model number are shown in the details below. offer a one year warranty to guarantee against manufacturing defects unless otherwise stated, The warranty does covers against defects caused from improper manufacture but not if the battery has been misused or modified. Roughly most lithium technology batteries can be charged around 400 times, Nimh technology usually around four hundred times and Lithium polymer around four hundred times. What guarantees do you offer that the battery I am about to purchase is safe? - Well ISO 9001 certification means that our factories never take shortcuts with the manufacture of our batteries. All safety components are included. This will make sure that you have a safe trouble free battery and that the operation of this replacement battery will be excellent. The specifications should be the same as or better than the original. The Devices or Products that are described in the information below should be replaced perfectly by our battery from Cameron Sino. Special Remarks:-6 Cells

The Models and Battery numbers that this battery are known to support can be seen in the data below:-  


Device Models Supported
Hp, dm1-4000, mini 110-4100, mini 110-4100ca, mini 110-4100er, mini 110-4100ev, mini 110-4100la, mini 110-4100sv, mini 110-4101tu, mini 110-4102tu, mini 110-4108tu, mini 110-4110ca, mini 110-4110ea, mini 110-4110ed, mini 110-4110ef, mini 110-4110sa, mini 110-4110sd, mini 110-4110sf, mini 110-4110sp, mini 110-4110ss, mini 110-4110tu, mini 110-4111ea, mini 110-4111ef, mini 110-4111sf, mini 110-4112ea, mini 110-4112ef, mini 110-4112sf, mini 110-4112tu, mini 110-4114tu, mini 110-4115la, mini 110-4117ei, mini 110-4117ek, mini 110-4117er, mini 110-4117si, mini 110-4117sk, mini 110-4117tu, mini 110-4118er, mini 110-4118si, mini 110-4119ek, mini 110-4119si, mini 110-4120ej, mini 110-4120tu, mini 110-4150er, mini 110-4250nr, mini 200-4200, mini 200-4205tu, mini 200-4206tu, mini 210-3000, mini 210-3000 Cto, mini 210-3000ea, mini 210-3000ec, mini 210-3000em, mini 210-3000er, mini 210-3000ev, mini 210-3000ew, mini 210-3000sa, mini 210-3000sb, mini 210-3000sd, mini 210-3000sg, mini 210-3000sl, mini 210-3000sm, mini 210-3000so, mini 210-3000ss, mini 210-3000st, mini 210-3000sv, mini 210-3000sw, mini 210-3001ea, mini 210-3001ei, mini 210-3001er, mini 210-3001ev, mini 210-3001si, mini 210-3001sl, mini 210-3001so, mini 210-3001sv, mini 210-3001xx, mini 210-3002er, mini 210-3002ev, mini 210-3002sa, mini 210-3002sl, mini 210-3002so, mini 210-3002sv, mini 210-3003ew, mini 210-3003sa, mini 210-3003si, mini 210-3004ew, mini 210-3005si, mini 210-3010ee, mini 210-3010em, mini 210-3010es, mini 210-3010sb, mini 210-3010sd, mini 210-3010se, mini 210-3010sl, mini 210-3010sm, mini 210-3010ss, mini 210-3010st, mini 210-3010sw, mini 210-3010sx, mini 210-3011sl, mini 210-3011sx, mini 210-3012sl, mini 210-3015la, mini 210-3016la, mini 210-3017la, mini 210-3018la, mini 210-3020ee, mini 210-3020ef, mini 210-3020ep, mini 210-3020se, mini 210-3020sf, mini 210-3020sp, mini 210-3020ss, mini 210-3020st, mini 210-3021ef, mini 210-3021sf, mini 210-3022ef, mini 210-3022sf, mini 210-3024ef, mini 210-3024sf, mini 210-3025ef, mini 210-3025sa, mini 210-3025sf, mini 210-3026ef, mini 210-3026sf, mini 210-3030ee, mini 210-3030ez, mini 210-3030se, mini 210-3040ca, mini 210-3040ez, mini 210-3040nr, mini 210-3044ez, mini 210-3047ez, mini 210-3047sz, mini 210-3050ez, mini 210-3050nr, mini 210-3050sg, mini 210-3051er, mini 210-3052er, mini 210-3053er, mini 210-3060ca, mini 210-3060ez, mini 210-3060nr, mini 210-3061ez, mini 210-3062ez, mini 210-3067sz, mini 210-3070ca, mini 210-3070nr, mini 210-3080nr, mini 210-3090et, mini 210-4000, mini 210-4000 Cto, mini 210-4001tu, mini 210-4001xx, mini 210-4002tu, mini 210-4003tu, mini 210-4004tu, mini 210-4005tu, mini 210-4006tu, mini 210-4007tu, mini 210-4008tu, mini 210-4009tu, mini 210-4010tu, mini 210-4011tu, mini 210-4014tu, mini 210-4015tu, mini 210-4017tu, mini 210-4020tu, mini 210-4022tu, mini 210-4025tu, mini 210-4027tu, mini 210-4028tu, mini 210-4029tu, mini 210-4030tu, mini 210-4100, mini 210-4100la, mini 210-4120ef, mini 210-4121ef, mini 210-4121es, mini 210-4122ef, mini 210-4122es, mini 210-4130sf, pavilion Dm1, pavilion Dm1-4000, pavilion Dm1-4000au, pavilion Dm1-4000eb, pavilion Dm1-4000ee, pavilion Dm1-4000eg, pavilion Dm1-4000ej, pavilion Dm1-4000en, pavilion Dm1-4000ep, pavilion Dm1-4000er, pavilion Dm1-4000sb, pavilion Dm1-4000sd, pavilion Dm1-4000se, pavilion Dm1-4000sg, pavilion Dm1-4000sp, pavilion Dm1-4000ss, pavilion Dm1-4000st, pavilion Dm1-4001au, pavilion Dm1-4001er, pavilion Dm1-4001tu, pavilion Dm1-4001xx, pavilion Dm1-4002au, pavilion Dm1-4003au, pavilion Dm1-4003tu, pavilion Dm1-4004sa, pavilion Dm1-4004tu, pavilion Dm1-4006au, pavilion Dm1-4006tu, pavilion Dm1-4007sz, pavilion Dm1-4007tu, pavilion Dm1-4008tu, pavilion Dm1-4009au, pavilion Dm1-4009tu, pavilion Dm1-4010au, pavilion Dm1-4010en, pavilion Dm1-4010ep, pavilion Dm1-4010ez, pavilion Dm1-4010se, pavilion Dm1-4010sn, pavilion Dm1-4010ss, pavilion Dm1-4010us, pavilion Dm1-4011au, pavilion Dm1-4011tu, pavilion Dm1-4012au, pavilion Dm1-4012tu, pavilion Dm1-4013au, pavilion Dm1-4013nr, pavilion Dm1-4013tu, pavilion Dm1-4014tu, pavilion Dm1-4015au, pavilion Dm1-4015tu, pavilion Dm1-4016au, pavilion Dm1-4016tu, pavilion Dm1-4017au, pavilion Dm1-4017tu, pavilion Dm1-4018au, pavilion Dm1-4018ca, pavilion Dm1-4019au, pavilion Dm1-4020ea, pavilion Dm1-4020ew, pavilion Dm1-4020sa, pavilion Dm1-4020sd, pavilion Dm1-4020ss, pavilion Dm1-4021au, pavilion Dm1-4023tu, pavilion Dm1-4025sr, pavilion Dm1-4027ea, pavilion Dm1-4027sa, pavilion Dm1-4030sf, pavilion Dm1-4033ef, pavilion Dm1-4033sf, pavilion Dm1-4034ei, pavilion Dm1-4034eo, pavilion Dm1-4035eo, pavilion Dm1-4039eg, pavilion Dm1-4050la, pavilion Dm1-4050us, pavilion Dm1-4051xx, pavilion Dm1-4054nr, pavilion Dm1-4055eg, pavilion Dm1-4055sg, pavilion Dm1-4060la, pavilion Dm1-4070la, pavilion Dm1-4071la, pavilion Dm1-4074la, pavilion Dm1-4099ej, pavilion Dm1-4100, pavilion Dm1-4100au, pavilion Dm1-4100ed, pavilion Dm1-4100ee, pavilion Dm1-4100eg, pavilion Dm1-4100en, pavilion Dm1-4100eo, pavilion Dm1-4100sb, pavilion Dm1-4100sc, pavilion Dm1-4100sd, pavilion Dm1-4100se, pavilion Dm1-4100sg, pavilion Dm1-4100sx, pavilion Dm1-4100tu, pavilion Dm1-4101au, pavilion Dm1-4101er, pavilion Dm1-4103tu, pavilion Dm1-4107tu, pavilion Dm1-4108au, pavilion Dm1-4108tu, pavilion Dm1-4109au, pavilion Dm1-4110au, pavilion Dm1-4110eo, pavilion Dm1-4110et, pavilion Dm1-4110ev, pavilion Dm1-4110ez, pavilion Dm1-4110sn, pavilion Dm1-4110tu, pavilion Dm1-4111au, pavilion Dm1-4112tu, pavilion Dm1-4114au, pavilion Dm1-4115au, pavilion Dm1-4115tu, pavilion Dm1-4116au, pavilion Dm1-4116tu, pavilion Dm1-4117tu, pavilion Dm1-4118au, pavilion Dm1-4118tu, pavilion Dm1-4120ep, pavilion Dm1-4120es, pavilion Dm1-4120ew, pavilion Dm1-4120ss, pavilion Dm1-4125ea, pavilion Dm1-4125sa, pavilion Dm1-4126sa, pavilion Dm1-4130ep, pavilion Dm1-4130ss, pavilion Dm1-4131ef, pavilion Dm1-4133ef, pavilion Dm1-4135ef, pavilion Dm1-4140es, pavilion Dm1-4142nr, pavilion Dm1-4150la, pavilion Dm1-4151nr, pavilion Dm1-4160ca, pavilion Dm1-4170la, pavilion Dm1-4170us, pavilion Dm1-4171nr, pavilion Dm1-4172la, pavilion Dm1-4190eo, pavilion Dm1-4200sa, pavilion Dm1-4200sb, pavilion Dm1-4200sg, pavilion Dm1-4200sh, pavilion Dm1-4200sp, pavilion Dm1-4201au, pavilion Dm1-4201er, pavilion Dm1-4201sr, pavilion Dm1-4202au, pavilion Dm1-4203au, pavilion Dm1-4205au, pavilion Dm1-4206au, pavilion Dm1-4207au, pavilion Dm1-4208au, pavilion Dm1-4209au, pavilion Dm1-4210au, pavilion Dm1-4210ej, pavilion Dm1-4210sc, pavilion Dm1-4210sd, pavilion Dm1-4210sw, pavilion Dm1-4210sx, pavilion Dm1-4210us, pavilion Dm1-4211au, pavilion Dm1-4212au, pavilion Dm1-4213au, pavilion Dm1-4214au, pavilion Dm1-4215au, pavilion Dm1-4216au, pavilion Dm1-4220ez, pavilion Dm1-4222ej, pavilion Dm1-4225sw, pavilion Dm1-4230sf, pavilion Dm1-4230sp, pavilion Dm1-4230sw, pavilion Dm1-4231sf, pavilion Dm1-4232sf, pavilion Dm1-4233sf, pavilion Dm1-4240sf, pavilion Dm1-4240so, pavilion Dm1-4250ew, pavilion Dm1-4250so, pavilion Dm1-4269ca, pavilion Dm1-4270la, pavilion Dm1-4290ss, pavilion Dm1z-4000 Cto, pavilion Dm1z-4100 Cto, pavilion Dm1z-4200 Cto


Battery Models Supported
Hp, 646657-241, 646657-251, 646755-001, 646757-001, a2q96aa, hstnn-db3b, hstnn-lb3b, hstnn-xb3a, hstnn-xb3b, hstnn-yb3a, hstnn-yb3b, lv953aa, mt03, mt06, mto3, mto6, tpn-q101, tpn-q102, tpn-q103


Manufacturers that this product is known to support:-


Manufacturers Supported

Actual manufacturer


Cameron Sino


Important notes about your Battery Selection!!!

IF you do not confirm that the device manufacturer, The model number and also the battery part number are listed in our product details then we cannot be responsible for any ordering mistakes. Its really easy to check with us first and makes sense if there is any doubt in your mind. Some manufacturers have more than one battery type fitted in like models. We recommend that you remove the original battery before ordering to confirm this. If you are not sure we may be able to confirm for you.

Mah is the rating which estimates the amount of charge that a battery will hold or how much current it will provide for how long. The higher the this rating the longer the runtime.


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