Here's the latest fitment listFits Brands:- SamsungFits Models:- Nbe60, Nc240, Sca12, Sca20, Sca23, Sca25, Sch985, Sch996, Sck60, Sck70, Sck75, Sck80, Scl100, Scl150, Scm3, Scx-800, Scx-803, Scx-804, Scx-854, Scx-904, Scx-915, Scx-953, Slc-90, Sv-e27, Sv-h30, Sv-h33, Sv-h815, Vc-e27n, Vc-e805, Vc-e806, Vc-e807, Vc-e850, Vc-e905, Vc-h815, Vp-17, Vp-57,...
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