Here's the latest fitment listFits Brands:- PhilipsFits Models:- Cleancare, Essence, Extreme, Flexcare, Flexcare+, Healthywhite, Hx5350, Hx5751, Hx5752, Hx6302, Hx6381, Hx6711, Hx6730, Hx6731, Hx6733, Hx6903, Hx6910, Hx6920, Hx6930, Hx6932, Hx6934, Hx6942, Hx6952, Hx6971, Hx6972, Hx6992, Hx6995, Hx8111, Hx8141, Hx8142, Hx9332, Hx9342, Powerup, Sensiflex,...
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