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  Top » Catalog » Laptop, PDA, Tablet & Ereader Batteries » Laptop & Notebook Batteries » HP » CS-HDM4NB
Replacement battery for hp 593553-001, fits hp and compaq models [CS-HDM4NB] $59.99
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Replacement battery for hp 593553-001, fits hp and compaq models

The Battery for Hp G62-208CA and others. Replaces battery Models 593553-001 and others and is designed to replace the models of HP and other manufacturers as described below

Chemistry Li-ion
Voltage 10.8V
Capacity 4400 Mah
Warranty 1 Year
Model Number CS-HDM4NB
Color Black
Dimensions(mm)  204.76 x 53.36 x 21.38mm
Manufacturers HP

The one year warranty covers any Manufacture defect. The warranty does not cover damages due to misuse of the battery nor diminishing run time due to normal wear and tear.

This replacement HP battery is rated at 10.8V 4400 Mah It is designed specifically for your Laptop/Notebook. It is manufacturered to a very high standard to enhance the performance of your device. The batteries are designed with high quality components by our ISO 9001 certified factory.

This Hp 593553-001 Battery is also Compatible with the Following Laptop Models (Press Ctrl+F Search)


 MU06 & MU09  MUO6 & MU09
586006-321 586006-321
586006-361 586006-361
586007-541 586007-541
593553-001 593553-001
593554-001 593554-001
593562-001 593562-001
NBP6A174B1 NBP6A174B1


593554-001, G62-100EB , G62-100EE , G62-101TU , G62-101XX , G62-103XX , G62-104SA , G62-105SA , G62-106SA , G62-107SA , G62-110ED , G62-110EE , G62-110EO , G62-110EY , G62-110SA , G62-110SS , G62-110SW , G62-111EE , G62-112EE , G62-112SO , G62-113SO , G62-115SE , G62-115SO , G62-117SO , G62-120EC , G62-120EE , G62-120EG , G62-120EK , G62-120EL , G62-120EP , G62-120ES , G62-120SE , G62-120SL , G62-120SS , G62-120SW , G62-121EE , G62-125EK , G62-125EV , G62-130EK , G62-130SL , G62-134CA , G62-140EL , G62-140ES , G62-140ET , G62-140SF , G62-140SS , G62-140US , G62-143CL , G62-144DX , G62-145NR , G62-149WM , G62-150EF , G62-150EQ , G62-150EV , G62-150SE , G62-150SF , G62-150SL , G62-153CA , G62-154CA , G62-165SL , G62-166SB , G62-550EE , G62t-100 CTO, HP 593553-001, HP 595550-001, HP 593550-001, HP 593556-001


G72-101SA , G72-102SA , G72-105SA , G72-110SD , G72-110SO , G72-120EG , G72-120SG G72-130ED , G72-130SF , G72-150EF , G72-200 series , G72T-200 CTO , G72-100 series


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Presario CQ32 Series ,PRESARIO CQ32-107TX , PRESARIO CQ32-108TX , PRESARIO CQ32-109TX ,PRESARIO CQ32-110TX ,PRESARIO CQ32-111TX ,PRESARIO CQ32-101TX ,PRESARIO CQ32-102TX ,PRESARIO CQ32-103TX ,PRESARIO CQ32-104TX ,PRESARIO CQ32-105TX ,PRESARIO CQ32-106TX ,PRESARIO CQ32-100 , Presario CQ42 Series , Presario CQ42-100 series , Presario CQ42-102TU , Presario CQ42-106TU , Presario CQ42-108TU , Presario CQ42-115TU , Presario CQ42-116TU , Presario CQ42-118TU , Presario CQ42-131TU , Presario CQ42-151TX , Presario CQ42-152TX , Presario CQ42-153TX , Presario CQ42-154TX , Presario CQ42-158TX , Presario CQ42-160TX , Presario CQ42-165TX , Presario CQ42-166TX , Presario CQ42-167TU , Presario CQ42-167TX , Presario CQ42-168TU , Presario CQ42-170TX , Presario CQ42-171TX , Presario CQ42-173TU , Presario CQ42-173TX , Presario CQ42-175TX , Presario CQ42-176TU , Presario CQ42-176TX , Presario CQ42-177TX , Presario CQ42-179TX , Presario CQ42-181TX , Presario CQ42-188TX , Presario CQ42-189TX , Presario CQ42-194TX , Presario CQ42-200 series , Presario CQ42-201TU , Presario CQ62 Series , Presario CQ62-100 series , Presario CQ62-101TX , Presario CQ62-102TX , Presario CQ62-103TU , Presario CQ62-104TU , Presario CQ62-105TU , Presario CQ62-105TX , Presario CQ62-106TU , Presario CQ62-108TU , Presario CQ62-108TX , Presario CQ62-109TU , Presario CQ62-109TX , Presario CQ62-110TU , Presario CQ62-111TU , Presario CQ62-111TX , Presario CQ62-112TU , Presario CQ62-112TX , Presario CQ62-113TU , Presario CQ62-113TX , Presario CQ62-114TX , Presario CQ62-115TX , Presario CQ62-200 series , Presario CQ62-201AX , Presario CQ62-201TU , Presario CQ72 Series, 586006-121, 586006-141, 586006-241, 586006-321, 586006-361, 586006-541, 586006-741, 586006-761, 586007-001, 586007-121, 586007-141, 586007-251, 586007-421, 586007-541, 586007-851, 586028-321, 586028-341, 586028-421, 588178-141, 588178-541, 593550-001, 593553-001, 593554-001, 593562-001, 636631-001, 640320-001, HSTNN-178C, HSTNN-179C, HSTNN-181C, HSTNN-CB0W, HSTNN-CB0X, HSTNN-CBOW, HSTNN-CBOX, HSTNN-DB0W, HSTNN-DB0X, HSTNN-E06C, HSTNN-E07C, HSTNN-E08C, HSTNN-E09C, HSTNN-F01C, HSTNN-F02C, HSTNN-F03C, HSTNN-I78C, HSTNN-I79C, HSTNN-I81C, HSTNN-I83C, HSTNN-I84C, HSTNN-IB0W, HSTNN-IB0X, HSTNN-IB1E, HSTNN-IB1F, HSTNN-IB1G, HSTNN-IBOW, HSTNN-LB0W, HSTNN-LB0X, HSTNN-LB0Y, HSTNN-LB10, HSTNN-LBOW, HSTNN-OB0X, HSTNN-OB0Y, HSTNN-Q47C, HSTNN-Q48, HSTNN-Q48C, HSTNN-Q49C, HSTNN-Q50C, HSTNN-Q51C, HSTNN-Q60C, HSTNN-Q61C, HSTNN-Q62C, HSTNN-Q63C, HSTNN-Q64C, HSTNN-Q66C, HSTNN-Q68C, HSTNN-Q70C, HSTNN-Q72C, HSTNN-Q73C, HSTNN-QB0Q, HSTNN-UB0W, HSTNN-UB0X, HSTNN-UB1E, HSTNN-UB1G, HSTNN-XB0W, HSTNN-XB0X, HSTNN-XB0Y, HSTNN-XB1E, HSTNN-YB0W, HSTNN-YB0X, MU06, MU06047, MU06055, MU06055XL, MU06062, MU09, MU09XL, NBP6A174, NBP6A174B1, NBP6A175, NBP6A175B1, WD548AA, WD548AA#ABB, WD548AA#AC3, WD549AA, WD549AA#ABA, WD549AA#ABB,

Also Fits G62-220CA

Presario CQ32 Presario CQ56 Presario CQ62-113TX
Presario CQ42 Presario CQ56-100 Presario CQ62-114TX
Presario CQ42-100 Presario CQ56-100SG Presario CQ62-115TX
Presario CQ42-102TU Presario CQ56-100XX Presario CQ62-116TU
Presario CQ42-106TU Presario CQ56-101SA Presario CQ62-200
Presario CQ42-108TU Presario CQ56-101SG Presario CQ62-200CA
Presario CQ42-115TU Presario CQ56-102EA Presario CQ62-201AU
Presario CQ42-116TU Presario CQ56-102EG Presario CQ62-201AX
Presario CQ42-118TU Presario CQ56-102SA Presario CQ62-201TU
Presario CQ42-130TU Presario CQ56-102SG Presario CQ62-202AU
Presario CQ42-131TU Presario CQ56-102TU Presario CQ62-202TU
Presario CQ42-136TU Presario CQ56-103EA Presario CQ62-203AU
Presario CQ42-137TU Presario CQ56-103EG Presario CQ62-203AX
Presario CQ42-138TU Presario CQ56-103SA Presario CQ62-204AX
Presario CQ42-151TX Presario CQ56-103SG Presario CQ62-206TU
Presario CQ42-152TX Presario CQ56-104CA Presario CQ62-207TU
Presario CQ42-153TX Presario CQ56-104SA Presario CQ62-209WM
Presario CQ42-154TX Presario CQ56-105SA Presario CQ62-210AX
Presario CQ42-158TX Presario CQ56-106EA Presario CQ62-210SA
Presario CQ42-160TX Presario CQ56-106SA Presario CQ62-210SD
Presario CQ42-165TX Presario CQ56-107SA Presario CQ62-210TU
Presario CQ42-166TX Presario CQ56-108SA Presario CQ62-211AX
Presario CQ42-167TU Presario CQ56-109WM Presario CQ62-212AX
Presario CQ42-167TX Presario CQ56-110SA Presario CQ62-212TU
Presario CQ42-168TU Presario CQ56-110US Presario CQ62-214TU
Presario CQ42-170TX Presario CQ56-111EA Presario CQ62-215DX
Presario CQ42-171TX Presario CQ56-111EG Presario CQ62-215SA
Presario CQ42-173TU Presario CQ56-111SA Presario CQ62-215TU
Presario CQ42-173TX Presario CQ56-111SG Presario CQ62-220EA
Presario CQ42-174TX Presario CQ56-112EA Presario CQ62-220SA
Presario CQ42-175TX Presario CQ56-112NR Presario CQ62-220US
Presario CQ42-176TU Presario CQ56-112SA Presario CQ62-221SA
Presario CQ42-176TX Presario CQ56-113SA Presario CQ62-225SA
Presario CQ42-177TX Presario CQ56-114EO Presario CQ62-229SA
Presario CQ42-179TX Presario CQ56-115DX Presario CQ62-230EA
Presario CQ42-181TX Presario CQ56-115EG Presario CQ62-230SA
Presario CQ42-188TX Presario CQ56-115SA Presario CQ62-235SA
Presario CQ42-189TX Presario CQ56-120SG Presario CQ62-251TU
Presario CQ42-194TX Presario CQ56-122NR Presario CQ62-251TX
Presario CQ42-200 Presario CQ56-124CA Presario CQ62-255TU
Presario CQ42-201TU Presario CQ56-129NR Presario CQ62-262TX
Presario CQ42-224TU Presario CQ56-131SF Presario CQ62-263TX
Presario CQ42-225TU Presario CQ56-132EF Presario CQ62-271TX
Presario CQ42-271TU Presario CQ56-132SF Presario CQ62-300
Presario CQ42-272TU Presario CQ56-133EF Presario CQ62-302TU
Presario CQ42-294TX Presario CQ56-133SF Presario CQ62-305AX
Presario CQ42-295TX Presario CQ56-134CA Presario CQ62-306AU
Presario CQ42-300 Presario CQ56-134EF Presario CQ62-306AX
Presario CQ42-301AX Presario CQ56-134SF Presario CQ62-308AU
Presario CQ42-301TU Presario CQ56-135EF Presario CQ62-309AU
Presario CQ42-302AX Presario CQ56-135SF Presario CQ62-309AX
Presario CQ42-303TU Presario CQ56-136SF Presario CQ62-310AU
Presario CQ42-304AU Presario CQ56-142EF Presario CQ62-351TU
Presario CQ42-304TU Presario CQ56-142SF Presario CQ62-355TU
Presario CQ42-305AU Presario CQ56-148CA Presario CQ62-355TX
Presario CQ42-309AX Presario CQ56-148SF Presario CQ62-357TX
Presario CQ42-310AX Presario CQ56-154CA Presario CQ62-358TU
Presario CQ42-311AU Presario CQ56-155EA Presario CQ62-360TX
Presario CQ42-312AU Presario CQ62 Presario CQ62-a00
Presario CQ42-313AU Presario CQ62-100 Presario CQ62-a01SG
Presario CQ42-313AX Presario CQ62-101TX Presario CQ62-a02SG
Presario CQ42-320CA Presario CQ62-102TX Presario CQ62-a10EA
Presario CQ42-352TU Presario CQ62-103TU Presario CQ62-a10SA
Presario CQ42-353TU Presario CQ62-104TU Presario CQ62-a10SD
Presario CQ42-354TU Presario CQ62-105TU Presario CQ62-a10SO
Presario CQ42-354TX Presario CQ62-105TX Presario CQ62-a20SA
Presario CQ42-355TX Presario CQ62-106TU Presario CQ62-a25SA
Presario CQ42-356TX Presario CQ62-108TU Presario CQ62-a36SF
Presario CQ42-359TU Presario CQ62-108TX Presario CQ62-a50SA
Presario CQ42-360TU Presario CQ62-109TU Presario CQ62-a55SA
Presario CQ42-362TU Presario CQ62-109TX Presario CQ62-a65SA
Presario CQ42-365TU Presario CQ62-110TU Presario CQ62z-200 CTO
Presario CQ42-371TU Presario CQ62-111TU Presario CQ62z-300 CTO
Presario CQ43 Presario CQ62-111TX Presario CQ630
Presario CQ43-101AU Presario CQ62-112TU Presario CQ72
Presario CQ43-101TX Presario CQ62-112TX  
Presario CQ43-103TU Presario CQ62-113TU  


62-100EE G62-b27SA Pavilion dv6-3131sa
Envy 15-1100 G62t Pavilion dv6-3140sa
Envy 17-1000 G62t-100 CTO Pavilion dv6-3141ea
Envy 17-1001TX G72 Pavilion dv6-3150sa
Envy 17-1002TX G72-100 Pavilion dv6-3163eo
Envy 17-1013tx G72-101SA Pavilion dv6-3180ea
Envy 17-1018tx G72-102SA Pavilion dv6-3298ea
Envy 17-1050ea G72-105SA Pavilion dv6-3299ea
Envy 17-1085eo G72-110SA Pavilion dv6-3300
Envy 17-1100 G72-110SD Pavilion dv6-3300sg
Envy 17-1103tx G72-110SO Pavilion dv6-3350ef
Envy 17-1104tx G72-120EG Pavilion dv6-3350sf
Envy 17-1190ea G72-120SG Pavilion dv6-3351ef
Envy 17-1193eo G72-130ED Pavilion dv6-3351sf
Envy 17-1195ea G72-130SA Pavilion dv6-3355ef
Envy 17-1200 G72-130SF Pavilion dv6-3355sf
Envy 17-1202TX G72-150EF Pavilion dv6-3362ef
Envy 17-1203TX G72-200 Pavilion dv6-3362sf
Envy 17-2000 G72-a10SA Pavilion dv6-6000
Envy 17-2000ef G72-a20SA Pavilion dv6-6000eg
Envy 17-2000eg G72-a30SA Pavilion dv6-6001ea
Envy 17-2001eg G72-a40SA Pavilion dv6-6001eg
Envy 17-2001tx G72-b01EA Pavilion dv6-6001sg
Envy 17-2001xx G72-b01SA Pavilion dv6-6002eg
Envy 17-2002xx G72-b02SA Pavilion dv6-6002sg
Envy 17-2003ef G72-b10SA Pavilion dv6-6003eg
Envy 17-2008tx G72-b15SA Pavilion dv6-6004sa
Envy 17-2009tx G72-b20SA Pavilion dv6-6005ea
Envy 17-2012tx G72t Pavilion dv6-6005eg
Envy 17-2013tx G72T-200 CTO Pavilion dv6-6005sg
Envy 17-2014tx Pavilion dm4-1000 Pavilion dv6-6006ea
Envy 17-2070nr Pavilion dm4-1001tu Pavilion dv6-6007sg
Envy 17-2090eg Pavilion dm4-1001tx Pavilion dv6-6007TX
Envy 17-2090nr 3D Pavilion dm4-1002tu Pavilion dv6-6008eg
Envy 17-2093eg Pavilion dm4-1003xx Pavilion dv6-6008sa
Envy 17-2096eg Pavilion dm4-1004tu Pavilion dv6-6008TX
Envy 17t-1000 CTO Pavilion dm4-1004xx Pavilion dv6-6011tu
Envy 17t-1100 CTO Pavilion dm4-1010eg Pavilion dv6-6012tu
Envy 17t-1100 CTO 3D Pavilion dm4-1012TX Pavilion dv6-6013cl
Envy 17t-2000 CTO Pavilion dm4-1014TX Pavilion dv6-6013tu
Envy 17t-2000 CTO 3D Pavilion dm4-1015TX Pavilion dv6-6022eg
G32 Pavilion dm4-1016tx Pavilion dv6-6023tx
G42 Pavilion dm4-1017tx Pavilion dv6-6024tx
G42-100 Pavilion dm4-1018tx Pavilion dv6-6025tx
G42-164LA Pavilion dm4-1020tx Pavilion dv6-6026tx
G42-240LA Pavilion dm4-1021tx Pavilion dv6-6027tx
G42-250LA Pavilion dm4-1022tx Pavilion dv6-6029tx
G42-301NR Pavilion dm4-1023tx Pavilion dv6-6042sf
G42-303DX Pavilion dm4-1033tx Pavilion dv6-6051sf
G42-328CA Pavilion dm4-1034tx Pavilion dv6-6051xx
G42-352TU Pavilion dm4-1035tx Pavilion dv6-6054ef
G42-352TX Pavilion dm4-1036tx Pavilion dv6-6054sf
G42-360TU Pavilion dm4-1047tx Pavilion dv6-6063sf
G42-360TX Pavilion dm4-1048tx Pavilion dv6-6087eg
G42-361TU Pavilion dm4-1050ca Pavilion dv6-6090sf
G42-361TX Pavilion dm4-1050ea Pavilion dv6-6090us
G42-364TX Pavilion dm4-1060ea Pavilion dv6-6091nr
G42-365TX Pavilion dm4-1060sf Pavilion dv6t-6000 CTO
G42-366TU Pavilion dm4-1060us Pavilion dv7-1400
G42-366TX Pavilion dm4-1062nr Pavilion dv7-4000
G42-367CL Pavilion dm4-1063cl Pavilion dv7-4002TX
G42-367TU Pavilion dm4-1063he Pavilion dv7-4004TX
G42-368TX Pavilion dm4-1065dx Pavilion dv7-4012TX
G42-369TU Pavilion dm4-1070ef Pavilion dv7-4015sa
G42-370TU Pavilion dm4-1070sf Pavilion dv7-4020sa
G42-370TX Pavilion dm4-1080ea Pavilion dv7-4026tx
G42-371TU Pavilion dm4-1080sf Pavilion dv7-4027tx
G42-372TU Pavilion dm4-1100 Pavilion dv7-4032eo
G42-372TX Pavilion dm4-1100eg Pavilion dv7-4035sa
G42-375TX Pavilion dm4-1100sa Pavilion dv7-4040sa
G42-378TX Pavilion dm4-1101ea Pavilion dv7-4045ea
G42-380TX Pavilion dm4-1101tx Pavilion dv7-4047ea
G42-381TX Pavilion dm4-1102tx Pavilion dv7-4050ea
G42-382TX Pavilion dm4-1107tx Pavilion dv7-4100
G42-383TX Pavilion dm4-1108tx Pavilion dv7-4105TX
G42-384TX Pavilion dm4-1111tx Pavilion dv7-4106TX
G42-385TX Pavilion dm4-1113tx Pavilion dv7-4130sa
G42-386TX Pavilion dm4-1116tx Pavilion dv7-4131sa
G42-387TX Pavilion dm4-1117tx Pavilion dv7-4140ea
G42-388TX Pavilion dm4-1118tx Pavilion dv7-4142eo
G42-394TX Pavilion dm4-1120tx Pavilion dv7-4150ea
G42-397TX Pavilion dm4-1121tx Pavilion dv7-4170eo
G42-398TX Pavilion dm4-1122tx Pavilion dv7-4180ea
G42t Pavilion dm4-1123tx Pavilion dv7-6000
G42t-300 CTO Pavilion dm4-1140sa Pavilion dv7-6000sg
G56 Pavilion dm4-1150ca Pavilion dv7-6001sg
G56-100SA Pavilion dm4-1150ea Pavilion dv7-6001xx
G56-105SA Pavilion dm4-1150ef Pavilion dv7-6002sa
G56-106EA Pavilion dm4-1160ef Pavilion dv7-6004ea
G56-106SA Pavilion dm4-1160eo Pavilion dv7-6004tx
G56-107SA Pavilion dm4-1160us Pavilion dv7-6005sg
G56-108SA Pavilion dm4-1162ef Pavilion dv7-6005tx
G56-109SA Pavilion dm4-1162sf Pavilion dv7-6006sg
G56-112SA Pavilion dm4-1162us Pavilion dv7-6007sg
G56-130SA Pavilion dm4-1164nr Pavilion dv7-6008eg
G62 Pavilion dm4-1165dx Pavilion dv7-6008sg
G62-100 Pavilion dm4-1170sf Pavilion dv7-6011sg
G62-100EBG Pavilion dm4-1173cl Pavilion dv7-6011tx
G62-101TU Pavilion dm4-1180ef Pavilion dv7-6012eg
G62-101XX Pavilion dm4-1180sf Pavilion dv7-6012sg
G62-103XX Pavilion dm4-1201us Pavilion dv7-6012tx
G62-104SA Pavilion dm4-1211tx Pavilion dv7-6013eg
G62-105SA Pavilion dm4-1218tx Pavilion dv7-6013tx
G62-106SA Pavilion dm4-1221tx Pavilion dv7-6014tx
G62-107SA Pavilion dm4-1250ca Pavilion dv7-6015eg
G62-110ED Pavilion dm4-1253cl Pavilion dv7-6015sg
G62-110EE Pavilion dm4-1265dx Pavilion dv7-6025eg
G62-110EO Pavilion dm4-1273ca Pavilion dv7-6055ef
G62-110EY Pavilion dm4-1275ca Pavilion dv7-6055sf
G62-110SA Pavilion dm4-1277sb Pavilion dv7-6065ef
G62-110SS Pavilion dm4-1300 Pavilion dv7-6065sf
G62-110SW Pavilion dm4-1300ea Pavilion dv7-6070sf
G62-111EE Pavilion dm4-1301sg Pavilion dv7-6081eg
G62-112EE Pavilion dm4-1360ef Pavilion dv7-6090sf
G62-112SO Pavilion dm4-1360sf Pavilion dv7-6097ef
G62-113SO Pavilion dm4t Pavilion dv7t-6000 CTO
G62-115SE Pavilion dm4t-1000 CTO Pavilion g4
G62-115SO Pavilion dm4t-1100 CTO Pavilion g4-1000
G62-117SO Pavilion dm4t-1200 CTO Pavilion g4-1010us
G62-120EC Pavilion dv3-2200 Pavilion g4-1011nr
G62-120EE Pavilion dv3-2211TX Pavilion g4-1012tx
G62-120EG Pavilion dv3-2225TX Pavilion g4-1013tx
G62-120EK Pavilion dv3-2232TX Pavilion g4-1014tx
G62-120EL Pavilion dv3-4000 Pavilion g4-1015dx
G62-120EP Pavilion dv3-4010sg Pavilion g4-1015tx
G62-120ER Pavilion dv3-4020sp Pavilion g4-1016tx
G62-120ES Pavilion dv3-4027TX Pavilion g4-1017tu
G62-120SE Pavilion dv3-4028TX Pavilion g4-1017tx
G62-120SL Pavilion dv3-4029TX Pavilion g4-1018tu
G62-120SS Pavilion dv3-4030TX Pavilion g4-1019TU
G62-120SW Pavilion dv3-4031TX Pavilion g4-1020TU
G62-121EE Pavilion dv3-4035tx Pavilion g4-1020us
G62-125EK Pavilion dv3-4050ea Pavilion g4-1021TU
G62-125EV Pavilion dv3-4057tx Pavilion g4-1021tx
G62-130EK Pavilion dv3-4059tx Pavilion g4-1022TU
G62-130SL Pavilion dv3-4100 Pavilion g4-1022tx
G62-134CA Pavilion dv3-4100sa Pavilion g4-1023TU
G62-140EL Pavilion dv3-4102tx Pavilion g4-1026TX
G62-140ES Pavilion dv3-4105tx Pavilion g4-1027TX
G62-140ET Pavilion dv3-4106tx Pavilion g4-1038tx
G62-140SF Pavilion dv3-4107tx Pavilion g4-1039tx
G62-140SS Pavilion dv3-4121tx Pavilion g4-1047tx
G62-140US Pavilion dv3-4123tx Pavilion g4-1048tx
G62-143CL Pavilion dv3-4124tx Pavilion g4-1049tu
G62-144DX Pavilion dv3-4200 Pavilion g4-1050tx
G62-145NR Pavilion dv3-4207tx Pavilion g4-1051xx
G62-149WM Pavilion dv3-4208tx Pavilion g4-1052TX
G62-150EF Pavilion dv5-1200 Pavilion g4-1053TX
G62-150EQ Pavilion dv5-1200 Special Edition Pavilion g4t-1000 CTO
G62-150EV Pavilion dv5-1208TX SE Pavilion g6
G62-150SE Pavilion dv5-1209TX SE Pavilion g6-1000
G62-150SF Pavilion dv5-1222TX Pavilion g6-1005tu
G62-150SL Pavilion dv5-1232TX Pavilion g6-1006tu
G62-153CA Pavilion dv5-1233se Pavilion g6-1008tx
G62-154CA Pavilion dv5-1241la Pavilion g6-1009tx
G62-165SL Pavilion dv5-1247la Pavilion g6-1010tx
G62-166SB Pavilion dv5-1250us Pavilion g6-1011tx
G62-400 Pavilion dv5-1300 Pavilion g6-1012tx
G62-450SA Pavilion dv5-2000 Pavilion g6-1013tu
G62-451SA Pavilion dv5-2034la Pavilion g6-1013tx
G62-452SA Pavilion dv5-2045la Pavilion g6-1014tu
G62-454TU Pavilion dv5-2046la Pavilion g6-1014tx
G62-456TU Pavilion dv5-2129wm Pavilion g6-1015tu
G62-460TX Pavilion dv5-2130us Pavilion g6-1016tu
G62-467TX Pavilion dv5-2132dx Pavilion g6-1022tx
G62-468TX Pavilion dv5-2134ca Pavilion g6-1023tx
G62-550EE Pavilion dv5-2134us Pavilion g6-1024tx
G62-a00 Pavilion dv5-2135dx Pavilion g6-1025sf
G62-a01SA Pavilion dv5-2138ca Pavilion g6-1025tx
G62-a02SA Pavilion dv5-2144ca Pavilion g6-1026tx
G62-a03SA Pavilion dv5-2155dx Pavilion g6-1027tx
G62-a04EA Pavilion dv5-3000 Pavilion g6-1030ef
G62-a04SA Pavilion dv5t-2100 CTO Pavilion g6-1030tx
G62-a10SA Pavilion dv6-3000 Pavilion g6-1031tx
G62-a11SE Pavilion dv6-3005sa Pavilion g6-1040ef
G62-a12SA Pavilion dv6-3005TX Pavilion g6-1040sf
G62-a12SE Pavilion dv6-3006TX Pavilion g6-1041ef
G62-a13EE Pavilion dv6-3010sa Pavilion g6-1042ef
G62-a13SA Pavilion dv6-3011TX Pavilion g6-1045ef
G62-a13SE Pavilion dv6-3015sa Pavilion g6-1046ef
G62-a14SA Pavilion dv6-3020sa Pavilion g6-1046sf
G62-a15EO Pavilion dv6-3025sa Pavilion g6-1047ef
G62-a15SA Pavilion dv6-3026tx Pavilion g6-1050ef
G62-a16SA Pavilion dv6-3030sa Pavilion g6-1050sf
G62-a17EA Pavilion dv6-3030TX Pavilion g6-1051ef
G62-a17SA Pavilion dv6-3031sa Pavilion g7
G62-a18SA Pavilion dv6-3032sa Pavilion g7-1000
G62-a19EA Pavilion dv6-3032TX Pavilion g7-1000eg
G62-a19SA Pavilion dv6-3033sa Pavilion g7-1000sa
G62-a21EA Pavilion dv6-3035sa Pavilion g7-1000sg
G62-a21SA Pavilion dv6-3040sa Pavilion g7-1001eg
G62-a22SE Pavilion dv6-3042TX Pavilion g7-1001sg
G62-a23SA Pavilion dv6-3044sa Pavilion g7-1001xx
G62-a24SA Pavilion dv6-3045sa Pavilion g7-1002sg
G62-a25EA Pavilion dv6-3046sa Pavilion g7-1003eg
G62-a25SA Pavilion dv6-3047sa Pavilion g7-1004eg
G62-a26SA Pavilion dv6-3048sa Pavilion g7-1004sa
G62-a27SA Pavilion dv6-3048tx Pavilion g7-1004sg
G62-a28SA Pavilion dv6-3050eo Pavilion g7-1006eg
G62-a29EA Pavilion dv6-3050sa Pavilion g7-1006sg
G62-a29SA Pavilion dv6-3055sa Pavilion g7-1007sg
G62-a30SA Pavilion dv6-3056sa Pavilion g7-1010eg
G62-a38EE Pavilion dv6-3057sa Pavilion g7-1011eg
G62-a40SA Pavilion dv6-3060sa Pavilion g7-1017cl
G62-a43SA Pavilion dv6-3065ea Pavilion g7-1019wm
G62-a44EE Pavilion dv6-3067ea Pavilion g7-1020eg
G62-a44SA Pavilion dv6-3068ea Pavilion g7-1022eg
G62-a50SG Pavilion dv6-3070ea Pavilion g7-1023eg
G62-a53SG Pavilion dv6-3077la Pavilion g7-1024eg
G62-a60SA Pavilion dv6-3085ea Pavilion g7-1025eg
G62-b00SA Pavilion dv6-3088la Pavilion g7-1030sf
G62-b09SA Pavilion dv6-3089la Pavilion g7-1033cl
G62-b10SA Pavilion dv6-3100 Pavilion g7-1033eg
G62-b11SA Pavilion dv6-3100sa Pavilion g7-1033sg
G62-b12SA Pavilion dv6-3110ea Pavilion g7-1040ef
G62-b13EA Pavilion dv6-3110sa Pavilion g7-1040sf
G62-b13SA Pavilion dv6-3111sa Pavilion g7-1045ef
G62-b14SA Pavilion dv6-3112sa Pavilion g7-1045sf
G62-b15SA Pavilion dv6-3113sa Pavilion g7-1046ef
G62-b16EA Pavilion dv6-3114sa Pavilion g7-1046sf
G62-b16SA Pavilion dv6-3115sa Pavilion g7-1050sa
G62-b17EO Pavilion dv6-3115tx Pavilion g7-1050sf
G62-b17SA Pavilion dv6-3116sa Pavilion g7-1051ef
G62-b18SA Pavilion dv6-3116tx Pavilion g7-1051sf
G62-b19SA Pavilion dv6-3117sa Pavilion g7-1051xx
G62-b20SA Pavilion dv6-3118sa Pavilion g7-1053ef
G62-B20so Pavilion dv6-3119sa Pavilion g7-1053sf
G62-b21SA Pavilion dv6-3120sa Pavilion g7-1054sa
G62-b22SA Pavilion dv6-3121sa Pavilion g7-1070us
G62-b23SA Pavilion dv6-3122sa Pavilion g7-1075dx
G62-b24SA Pavilion dv6-3123sa Pavilion g7-1075nr
G62-b25SA Pavilion dv6-3125sa Pavilion g7-1081nr
G62-b26SA Pavilion dv6-3127sa Pavilion g7-1086eg
G62-b27EA Pavilion dv6-3130sa Pavilion g7-1090sg
 Pavilion dv7-4073a  Dm4-2058ca Pavilion g7t-1000 CTO

Also fits HP DV6-3280CA

Manufacturers that this product will replace:-


Battery Selection

Please make sure before purchasing this battery that the device manufacturer, Model number and device are all listed in our product description. If you need to verify the fitment please send an email to. and we can make the choice for you. 

Due to the high number of different models available in todays electronic market place some models especially those models that are relatively slow movers will have a shipment delay of  around 7 days. Most popular models are carried in stock but this is subject to demand. If you need this battery in a limited timescale it is always best to email us at and confirm that we have your product in stock. We do this so that the product we carry is constantly fresh and in peak condition.

Please note that some extended batteries are supplied with an extended rear cover. This enables your device to carry a larger battery and thus have a much greater capacity. Be aware that this may affect fitment into any cases or holders that you may have.    

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