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  Top » Catalog » Laptop, PDA, Tablet & Ereader Batteries » Laptop & Notebook Batteries » HP » CS-HCP2019NB
Battery for HP F2072-60906, F2019, F2019-60902, F2019B, F2019-60901, F2019A, CGR-B/634AE, CGR-B/ 650AE, 3UR18650P-2-QC-RT, 3UR18650F-2-QC-RT2 [CS-HCP2019NB] $49.99
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Battery for HP F2072-60906, F2019, F2019-60902, F2019B, F2019-60901, F2019A, CGR-B/634AE, CGR-B/ 650AE, 3UR18650P-2-QC-RT, 3UR18650F-2-QC-RT2

The Battery for F2072-60906, F2019, F2019-60902, F2019B, F2019-60901, F2019A, CGR-B/634AE, CGR-B/ 650AE, 3UR18650P-2-QC-RT, 3UR18650F-2-QC-RT2 is designed to replace the models of HP as described below

Capacity4400 Mah
Warranty1 Year
Model NumberCS-HCP2019NB

The warranty covers any Manufacture defect. The warranty does not cover damages due to misuse of the battery nor diminishing run time due to normal wear and tear.

This replacement HP battery is rated at 14.8V 4400 Mah It is designed specifically for your laptop. It is manufacturered to a very high standard to enhance the performance of your device. The batteries are designed with high quality components by our ISO 9001 certified factory.

The Products that this battery will fit are shown below.

  • Models that this battery are known to support:-

  OmniBook XT6200-F4531J, OmniBook 6000-F2088W, Pavilion N6100 Series, OmniBook 6100 Series, OmniBook 6100-F3257WG, OmniBook 6100-F3262J, OmniBook 6100-F3266J, OmniBook 6100-F4746JS, OmniBook VT6200-F5038JG, OmniBook 6000B-F2150W, OmniBook VT6200-F5157J, OmniBook 6000B-F2461WT, OmniBook XT6050-F4508JC, OmniBook 6000C-F2200K, OmniBook XT6050-F4511KG, OmniBook 6000C-F2452KT, OmniBook XT6050-F4515HG, OmniBook 6000-F2079KG, OmniBook XT6050-F4518JT, OmniBook 6000-F2082WV, OmniBook XT6200-F4528JG, OmniBook 6000-F2088KG, OmniBook XT6200-F5864J, OmniBook 6000-F3752W, OmniBook 6100-F3257KG, OmniBook 6100-F3261W, OmniBook 6100-F3265W, OmniBook 6100-F4737HS, Pavilion N6395, OmniBook VT6200-F5037JT, OmniBook 6000B-F2149W, OmniBook VT6200-F5060JT, OmniBook 6000B-F2282WT, OmniBook XT6050-F4508HC, OmniBook 6000C-F2198W, OmniBook XT6050-F4511JG, OmniBook 6000C-F2427WT, OmniBook XT6050-F4514KG, OmniBook 6000-F2078WR, OmniBook XT6050-F4518HT, OmniBook 6000-F2082WG, OmniBook XT6200-F4527JC, OmniBook 6000-F2087WT, OmniBook XT6200-F5604JT, OmniBook 6000-F2444WG, OmniBook 6100-F3257J, OmniBook 6100-F3261K, OmniBook 6100-F3265K, OmniBook 6100-F4155KS, Pavilion N6403, OmniBook VT6200-F5037J, OmniBook 6000B-F2148W, OmniBook VT6200-F5056JT, OmniBook 6000B-F2187K, OmniBook XT6050-F4507KC, OmniBook 6000C-F2198K, OmniBook XT6050-F4511HG, OmniBook 6000C-F2205KT, OmniBook XT6050-F4514JG, OmniBook 6000-F2078K, OmniBook XT6050-F4517KT, OmniBook 6000-F2082KT, OmniBook XT6200-F4526JG, OmniBook 6000-F2087KU, OmniBook XT6200-F5387JT, OmniBook 6000-F2270WT, OmniBook 6100-F3253W, OmniBook 6100-F3260W, OmniBook 6100-F3265J, OmniBook 6100-F3852W, Pavilion N6400, OmniBook 6100-F6745HS, OmniBook 6000B-F2148KG, OmniBook VT6200-F5054JT, OmniBook 6000B-F2186KT, OmniBook XT6050-F4507JC, OmniBook 6000C-F2197W, OmniBook XT6050-F4510KG, OmniBook 6000C-F2203WG, OmniBook XT6050-F4514HT, OmniBook 6000-F2073WG, OmniBook XT6050-F4517JT, OmniBook 6000-F2081WU, OmniBook XT6200-F4526HS, OmniBook 6000-F2087K, OmniBook XT6200-F5386J, OmniBook 6000-F2091WT, OmniBook 6100-F3253KG, OmniBook 6100-F3260KG, OmniBook 6100-F3264W, OmniBook 6100-F3851W, Pavilion N6397, OmniBook 6100-F5351KS, OmniBook 6000B-F2147K, OmniBook VT6200-F5051JG, OmniBook 6000B-F2185K, OmniBook XT6050-F4507HC, OmniBook 6000C-F2197K, OmniBook XT6050-F4510JG, OmniBook 6000C-F2203KG, OmniBook XT6050-F4514H, OmniBook 6000-F2073KT, OmniBook XT6050-F4517HT, OmniBook 6000-F2081W, OmniBook XT6200-F4525H, OmniBook 6000-F2086K, OmniBook XT6200-F5383J, OmniBook 6000-F2091KU, OmniBook 6100-F3252WT, OmniBook 6100-F3260JT, OmniBook 6100-F3264K, OmniBook 6100-F3683KS, Pavilion N6190, OmniBook 6100-F5193D, OmniBook 6000B-F2145W, OmniBook VT6200-F5048J, OmniBook 6000B-F2184W, OmniBook XT6050-F4506KC, OmniBook 6000C-F2189W, OmniBook XT6050-F4510HT, OmniBook 6000C-F2202WG, OmniBook XT6050-F4513KC, OmniBook 6000-F2072WU, OmniBook XT6050-F4516KT, OmniBook 6000-F2081KG, OmniBook 6000-F2084WG, OmniBook XT6200-F5379J, OmniBook 6000-F2091K, Pavilion N6490 Series, OmniBook 6100-F3252KG, OmniBook 6100-F3259WT, OmniBook 6100-F3263W, OmniBook 6100-F3268WG, OmniBook XT6050, OmniBook 6100-F5166WC, OmniBook 6000B-F2144W, OmniBook VT6200-F5044J, OmniBook 6000B-F2184K, OmniBook XT6050-F4506JC, OmniBook 6000C-F2189K, OmniBook XT6050-F4509KT, OmniBook 6000C-F2202KG, OmniBook XT6050-F4513JC, OmniBook 6000-F2072W, OmniBook XT6050-F4516JT, OmniBook 6000-F2080WT, OmniBook XT6050-F4520JT, OmniBook 6000-F2084KT, OmniBook XT6200-F5377H, OmniBook 6000-F2090WG, Pavilion N6402-F3248M, OmniBook 6100-F3252JG, OmniBook 6100-F3259KT, OmniBook 6100-F3263K, OmniBook 6100-F3268KG, OmniBook 6000 Series, OmniBook 6100-F4963WS, OmniBook 6000B-F2143W, OmniBook VT6200-F5043JC, OmniBook 6000B-F2183K, OmniBook XT6050-F4506HG, OmniBook 6000C-F2188W, OmniBook XT6050-F4509JT, OmniBook 6000C-F2201WG, OmniBook XT6050-F4513HC, OmniBook 6000-F2072KG, OmniBook XT6050-F4516HT, OmniBook 6000-F2080KU, OmniBook XT6050-F4519KC, OmniBook XT6200-F4535JC, OmniBook 6000-F2090KT, Pavilion N6398-F3244M, OmniBook 6100-F3251W, OmniBook 6100-F3259J, OmniBook 6100-F3263J, OmniBook 6100-F3267W, OmniBook 6100-F4948KT, OmniBook 6000B-F2142KR, OmniBook VT6200-F5042JG, OmniBook 6000B-F2182W, OmniBook VT6200-F6751JS, OmniBook 6000C-F2188K, OmniBook XT6050-F4509HT, OmniBook 6000C-F2201KG, OmniBook XT6050-F4512KC, OmniBook 6000-F2044WT, OmniBook XT6050-F4515KT, OmniBook 6000-F2080K, OmniBook XT6050-F4519JC, OmniBook 6000-F2083WU, OmniBook XT6200-F4533JT, OmniBook 6000-F2089W, Pavilion N6395-F2971MR, OmniBook 6100-F3251K, OmniBook 6100-F3258W, OmniBook 6100-F3262W, OmniBook 6100-F3266WG, OmniBook 6100-F4947KT, OmniBook 6000B-F2141K, OmniBook VT6200-F5040JT, OmniBook 6000B-F2182K, OmniBook VT6200-F5506JS, OmniBook 6000B-F3704KV, OmniBook XT6050-F4508KT, OmniBook 6000C-F2200WG, OmniBook XT6050-F4512JC, OmniBook 6000C-F4962WS, OmniBook XT6050-F4515JT, OmniBook 6000-F2079WG, OmniBook XT6050-F4519HG, OmniBook 6000-F2083W, OmniBook XT6200-F4533J, OmniBook 6000-F2088WT, Pavilion N6195 Series, OmniBook 6100-F3251JC, OmniBook 6100-F3258K, OmniBook 6100-F3262K, OmniBook 6100-F3266KG, OmniBook 6100-F4753JS, OmniBook 6000B-F2050K, OmniBook VT6200-F5040J, OmniBook 6000B-F2151K, OmniBook VT6200-F5177J, OmniBook 6000B-F2470KV, OmniBook XT6050-F4508JT, OmniBook 6000C-F2200KR, OmniBook XT6050-F4512HC, OmniBook 6000C-F3713KS, OmniBook XT6050-F4515J, OmniBook 6000-F2079KT, OmniBook XT6050-F4518KG, OmniBook 6000-F2083KG, OmniBook XT6200-F4530J, OmniBook 6000-F2088KU, OmniBook XT6200-F5865J, OmniBook 6000-F3752WV, OmniBook 6100-F3257W, OmniBook 6100-F3261WT, OmniBook 6100-F3265WT, OmniBook 6100-F4743WV, OmniBook VT6200-F5038JC, OmniBook 6000B-F2150KT, OmniBook VT6200-F5061JT, OmniBook 6000B-F2284WG, OmniBook XT6050-F4508HT, OmniBook 6000C-F2198WT, OmniBook XT6050-F4511KC, OmniBook 6000C-F2451KT, OmniBook XT6050-F4515HC, OmniBook 6000-F2079K, OmniBook XT6050-F4518JG, OmniBook 6000-F2082WU, OmniBook XT6200-F4527JT, OmniBook 6000-F2088K, OmniBook XT6200-F5817JS, OmniBook 6000-F3752KG, OmniBook 6100-F3257K, OmniBook 6100-F3261KT, OmniBook 6100-F3265KT, OmniBook 6100-F4736JS, Pavilion N6490, OmniBook VT6200-F5037JG, OmniBook 6000B-F2149K, OmniBook VT6200-F5060J, OmniBook 6000B-F2276K, OmniBook XT6050-F4507KT, OmniBook 6000C-F2198KT, OmniBook XT6050-F4511JC, OmniBook 6000C-F2427W, OmniBook XT6050-F4514KC, OmniBook 6000-F2078W, OmniBook XT6050-F4518HG, OmniBook 6000-F2082W, OmniBook XT6200-F4527J, OmniBook 6000-F2087WG, OmniBook XT6200-F5394JT, OmniBook 6000-F2444W, OmniBook 6100-F3253WT, OmniBook 6100-F3260WT, OmniBook 6100-F3265JT, OmniBook 6100-F3899KS, Pavilion N6402, OmniBook VT6200-F4527HS, OmniBook 6000B-F2148KU, OmniBook VT6200-F5056J, OmniBook 6000B-F2186WT, OmniBook XT6050-F4507JT, OmniBook 6000C-F2197WT, OmniBook XT6050-F4511HC, OmniBook 6000C-F2205K, OmniBook XT6050-F4514JC, OmniBook 6000-F2073WU, OmniBook XT6050-F4517KG, OmniBook 6000-F2082KG, OmniBook XT6200-F4526JC, OmniBook 6000-F2087KT, OmniBook XT6200-F5387J, OmniBook 6000-F2263WT, OmniBook 6100-F3253KT, OmniBook 6100-F3260KT, OmniBook 6100-F3264WT, OmniBook 6100-F3851WV, Pavilion N6399, OmniBook 6100-F5660LV, OmniBook 6000B-F2148K, OmniBook VT6200-F5053J, OmniBook 6000B-F2186K, OmniBook XT6050-F4507HT, OmniBook 6000C-F2197KT, OmniBook XT6050-F4510KC, OmniBook 6000C-F2203W, OmniBook XT6050-F4514HG, OmniBook 6000-F2073W, OmniBook XT6050-F4517JG, OmniBook 6000-F2081WT, OmniBook XT6200-F4525HG, OmniBook 6000-F2086WT, OmniBook XT6200-F5385J, OmniBook 6000-F2091WG, OmniBook 6100-F3253K, OmniBook 6100-F3260K, OmniBook 6100-F3264KT, OmniBook 6100-F3851KV, Pavilion N6396, OmniBook 6100-F5350JS, OmniBook 6000B-F2146W, OmniBook VT6200-F5051J, OmniBook 6000B-F2184WT, OmniBook XT6050-F4506KT, OmniBook 6000C-F2189WT, OmniBook XT6050-F4510JC, OmniBook 6000C-F2203K, OmniBook XT6050-F4513KT, OmniBook 6000-F2073KG, OmniBook XT6050-F4517HG, OmniBook 6000-F2081KU, OmniBook 6000-F2084WU, OmniBook XT6200-F5382J, OmniBook 6000-F2091KT, Pavilion N6490-F3549MR, OmniBook 6100-F3252WG, OmniBook 6100-F3260J, OmniBook 6100-F3263WT, OmniBook 6100-F3679KS, Pavilion N6000, OmniBook 6100-F5184WT, OmniBook 6000B-F2145K, OmniBook VT6200-F5047JT, OmniBook 6000B-F2184KT, OmniBook XT6050-F4506JT, OmniBook 6000C-F2189KT, OmniBook XT6050-F4510HG, OmniBook 6000C-F2202W, OmniBook XT6050-F4513JT, OmniBook 6000-F2072WT, OmniBook XT6050-F4516KG, OmniBook 6000-F2081K, OmniBook XT6050-F5652JS, OmniBook 6000-F2084W, OmniBook XT6200-F5378JT, OmniBook 6000-F2090WU, Pavilion N6404-F3250M, OmniBook 6100-F3252K, OmniBook 6100-F3259WG, OmniBook 6100-F3263KT, OmniBook 6100-F3268W, OmniBook VT6200, OmniBook 6100-F5145LV, OmniBook 6000B-F2144KT, OmniBook VT6200-F5043JT, OmniBook 6000B-F2183W, OmniBook XT6050-F4506J, OmniBook 6000C-F2188WT, OmniBook XT6050-F4509KG, OmniBook 6000C-F2202K, OmniBook XT6050-F4513HT, OmniBook 6000-F2072KU, OmniBook XT6050-F4516JG, OmniBook 6000-F2080WG, OmniBook XT6050-F4520HT, OmniBook XT6200-F4535JT, OmniBook 6000-F2090W, Pavilion N6401-F3247M, OmniBook 6100-F3251WT, OmniBook 6100-F3259KG, OmniBook 6100-F3263JT, OmniBook 6100-F3268K, OmniBook 6100-F4950WS, OmniBook 6000B-F2143K, OmniBook VT6200-F5043J, OmniBook 6000B-F2182WT, OmniBook XT6050-F4506HC, OmniBook 6000C-F2188KT, OmniBook XT6050-F4509JG, OmniBook 6000C-F2201W, OmniBook XT6050-F4512KT, OmniBook 6000-F2072K, OmniBook XT6050-F4516HG, OmniBook 6000-F2080KT, OmniBook XT6050-F4519JT, OmniBook 6000-F2084KG, OmniBook XT6200-F4535J, OmniBook 6000-F2090KG, Pavilion N6397-F3243M, OmniBook 6100-F3251KT, OmniBook 6100-F3258WT, OmniBook 6100-F3262WT, OmniBook 6100-F3267K, OmniBook 6100-F4948JT, OmniBook 6000B-F2142K, OmniBook VT6200-F5042JC, OmniBook 6000B-F2182KT, OmniBook VT6200-F5827JS, OmniBook 6000B-F3706KS, OmniBook XT6050-F4509HG, OmniBook 6000C-F2201K, OmniBook XT6050-F4512JT, OmniBook 6000-F2044WR, OmniBook XT6050-F4515KG, OmniBook 6000-F2079WU, OmniBook XT6050-F4519J, OmniBook 6000-F2083WT, OmniBook XT6200-F4533JG, OmniBook 6000-F2089K, Pavilion N6395-F2971M, OmniBook 6100-F3251JT, OmniBook 6100-F3258KT, OmniBook 6100-F3262KT, OmniBook 6100-F3266W, OmniBook 6100-F4947JT, OmniBook 6000B-F2140W, OmniBook VT6200-F5040JG, OmniBook 6000B-F2151W, OmniBook VT6200-F5280HS, OmniBook 6000B-F3704KS, OmniBook XT6050-F4508KG, OmniBook 6000C-F2200W, OmniBook XT6050-F4512HT, OmniBook 6000C-F3744WS, OmniBook XT6050-F4515JG, OmniBook 6000-F2079W, OmniBook XT6050-F4519HC, OmniBook 6000-F2083KU, OmniBook XT6200-F4531JG, OmniBook 6000-F2088WG, Pavilion N6190-F1953A, OmniBook 6100-F3251J, OmniBook 6100-F3257WT, OmniBook 6100-F3262JT, OmniBook 6100-F3266K, OmniBook 6100-F4746WV, OmniBook 6000, OmniBook VT6200-F5038JT, OmniBook 6000B-F2150WT, OmniBook VT6200-F5157JT, OmniBook 6000B-F2462W, OmniBook XT6050-F4508JG, OmniBook 6000C-F2200KG, OmniBook XT6050-F4511KT, OmniBook 6000C-F3675KS, OmniBook XT6050-F4515HT, OmniBook 6000-F2079KR, OmniBook XT6050-F4518KC, OmniBook 6000-F2083K, OmniBook XT6200-F4528JT, OmniBook 6000-F2088KT, OmniBook XT6200-F5864JT, OmniBook 6000-F3752WT, OmniBook 6100-F3257KT, OmniBook 6100-F3261WG, OmniBook 6100-F3265WG, OmniBook 6100-F4737WS, OmniBook VT6200-F5038J, OmniBook 6000B-F2150K, OmniBook VT6200-F5061J, OmniBook 6000B-F2283W, OmniBook XT6050-F4508HG, OmniBook 6000C-F2198WG, OmniBook XT6050-F4511JT, OmniBook 6000C-F2449WT, OmniBook XT6050-F4514KT, OmniBook 6000-F2078WT, OmniBook XT6050-F4518JC, OmniBook 6000-F2082WT, OmniBook XT6200-F4527JG, OmniBook 6000-F2087WU, OmniBook XT6200-F5615JS, OmniBook 6000-F2444WT, OmniBook 6100-F3257JT, OmniBook 6100-F3261KG, OmniBook 6100-F3265KG, OmniBook 6100-F4161AV, Pavilion N6404, OmniBook VT6200-F5037JC, OmniBook 6000B-F2148WT, OmniBook VT6200-F5057J, OmniBook 6000B-F2187W, OmniBook XT6050-F4507KG, OmniBook 6000C-F2198KG, OmniBook XT6050-F4511HT, OmniBook 6000C-F2205W, OmniBook XT6050-F4514JT, OmniBook 6000-F2078KT, OmniBook XT6050-F4518HC, OmniBook 6000-F2082KU, OmniBook XT6200-F4526JT, OmniBook 6000-F2087W, OmniBook XT6200-F5394J, OmniBook 6000-F2444KG, OmniBook 6100-F3253WG, OmniBook 6100-F3260WG, OmniBook 6100-F3265JG, OmniBook 6100-F3853W, Pavilion N6401, OmniBook 6100-F6746JS, OmniBook 6000B-F2148KT, OmniBook VT6200-F5055J, OmniBook 6000B-F2186W, OmniBook XT6050-F4507JG, OmniBook 6000C-F2197WG, OmniBook XT6050-F4510KT, OmniBook 6000C-F2203WT, OmniBook XT6050-F4514J, OmniBook 6000-F2073WT, OmniBook XT6050-F4517KC, OmniBook 6000-F2082K, OmniBook XT6200-F4526J, OmniBook 6000-F2087KG, OmniBook XT6200-F5386JC, OmniBook 6000-F2091WU, OmniBook 6100-F3253KR, OmniBook 6100-F3260KR, OmniBook 6100-F3264WG, OmniBook 6100-F3851WT, Pavilion N6398, OmniBook 6100-F5616KS, OmniBook 6000B-F2147W, OmniBook VT6200-F5052JT, OmniBook 6000B-F2185W, OmniBook XT6050-F4507HG, OmniBook 6000C-F2197KG, OmniBook XT6050-F4510JT, OmniBook 6000C-F2203KT, OmniBook XT6050-F4514HC, OmniBook 6000-F2073KU, OmniBook XT6050-F4517JC, OmniBook 6000-F2081WG, OmniBook XT6200-F4525HC, OmniBook 6000-F2086W, OmniBook XT6200-F5383JT, OmniBook 6000-F2091W, OmniBook 6100-F3253J, OmniBook 6100-F3260JV, OmniBook 6100-F3264KG, OmniBook 6100-F3685KS, Pavilion N6195, OmniBook 6100-F5269WS, OmniBook 6000B-F2146K, OmniBook VT6200-F5050J, OmniBook 6000B-F2184WG, OmniBook XT6050-F4506KG, OmniBook 6000C-F2189WG, OmniBook XT6050-F4510J, OmniBook 6000C-F2202WT, OmniBook XT6050-F4513KG, OmniBook 6000-F2073K, OmniBook XT6050-F4517HC, OmniBook 6000-F2081KT, OmniBook 6000-F2084WT, OmniBook XT6200-F5379JT, OmniBook 6000-F2091KG, Pavilion N6490-F3549M, OmniBook 6100-F3252KT, OmniBook 6100-F3260H, OmniBook 6100-F3263WG, OmniBook 6100-F3268WT, OmniBook XT6200, OmniBook 6100-F5167KC, OmniBook 6000B-F2144WT, OmniBook VT6200-F5047J, OmniBook 6000B-F2184KG, OmniBook XT6050-F4506JG, OmniBook 6000C-F2189KG, OmniBook XT6050-F4510HC, OmniBook 6000C-F2202KT, OmniBook XT6050-F4513JG, OmniBook 6000-F2072WG, OmniBook XT6050-F4516KC, OmniBook 6000-F2080WU, OmniBook XT6050-F5365JS, OmniBook 6000-F2084KU, OmniBook XT6200-F5378J, OmniBook 6000-F2090WT, Pavilion N6403-F3249M, OmniBook 6100-F3252JT, OmniBook 6100-F3259W, OmniBook 6100-F3263KG, OmniBook 6100-F3268KT, OmniBook 6100, OmniBook 6100-F4975JS, OmniBook 6000B-F2144K, OmniBook VT6200-F5043JG, OmniBook 6000B-F2183KG, OmniBook XT6050-F4506HT, OmniBook 6000C-F2188WG, OmniBook XT6050-F4509KC, OmniBook 6000C-F2201WT, OmniBook XT6050-F4513HG, OmniBook 6000-F2072KT, OmniBook XT6050-F4516JC, OmniBook 6000-F2080W, OmniBook XT6050-F4519KT, OmniBook XT6200-F4535JG, OmniBook 6000-F2090KU, Pavilion N6400-F3246M, OmniBook 6100-F3251WG, OmniBook 6100-F3259K, OmniBook 6100-F3263JG, OmniBook 6100-F3268J, OmniBook 6100-F4948WT, OmniBook 6000B-F2142W, OmniBook VT6200-F5042JT, OmniBook 6000B-F2182WG, OmniBook XT6050-F4503AV, OmniBook 6000C-F2188KG, OmniBook XT6050-F4509JC, OmniBook 6000C-F2201KT, OmniBook XT6050-F4512KG, OmniBook 6000-F2045KT, OmniBook XT6050-F4516HC, OmniBook 6000-F2080KG, OmniBook XT6050-F4519JG, OmniBook 6000-F2084K, OmniBook XT6200-F4534J, OmniBook 6000-F2090K, Pavilion N6396-F3242M, OmniBook 6100-F3251KG, OmniBook 6100-F3258WG, OmniBook 6100-F3262WG, OmniBook 6100-F3266WT, OmniBook 6100-F4947WT, OmniBook 6000B-F2141W, OmniBook VT6200-F5042J, OmniBook 6000B-F2182KG, OmniBook VT6200-F5510HS, OmniBook 6000B-F3704WV, OmniBook XT6050-F4509HC, OmniBook 6000C-F2200WT, OmniBook XT6050-F4512JG, OmniBook 6000-F2044W, OmniBook XT6050-F4515KC, OmniBook 6000-F2079WT, OmniBook XT6050-F4519HT, OmniBook 6000-F2083WG, OmniBook XT6200-F4533JC, OmniBook 6000-F2088WU, Pavilion N6195-F1954A, OmniBook 6100-F3251JG, OmniBook 6100-F3258KG, OmniBook 6100-F3262KG, OmniBook 6100-F3266KT, OmniBook 6100-F4754JS, OmniBook 6000B-F2140K, OmniBook VT6200-F5040JC, OmniBook 6000B-F2151KT, OmniBook VT6200-F5177JT, OmniBook 6000B-F3703WS, OmniBook XT6050-F4508KC, OmniBook 6000C-F2200KT, OmniBook XT6050-F4512HG, OmniBook 6000C-F3731KS, OmniBook XT6050-F4515JC, OmniBook 6000-F2079KU, OmniBook XT6050-F4518KT, OmniBook 6000-F2083KT  

  • Battery codes that this product is known to replace:-

F2072-60906, F2019, F2019-60902, F2019B, F2019-60901, F2019A, CGR-B/634AE, CGR-B/ 650AE, 3UR18650P-2-QC-RT, 3UR18650F-2-QC-RT2HP  

Battery Selection

Please make sure before purchasing this battery that the device manufacturer, Model number and device are all listed in our product description. Please be aware that some extended capacity batteries will have a bigger footprint and certain models of battery will protrude from the back or bottom of the laptop. If you need to verify the fitment please send an email to. and we can make the choice for you. 

Due to the high number of different models available in todays electronic market place some models especially those models that are relatively slow movers will have a shipment delay of  around 7 days. Most popular models are carried in stock but this is subject to demand. If you need this battery in a limited timescale it is always best to email us at and confirm that we have your product in stock. We do this so that the product we carry is constantly fresh and in peak condition.

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  • This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 04 September, 2010.
  • Notify me of updates to Battery for HP F2072-60906, F2019, F2019-60902, F2019B, F2019-60901, F2019A, CGR-B/634AE, CGR-B/ 650AE, 3UR18650P-2-QC-RT, 3UR18650F-2-QC-RT2
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    Battery for Canon Bp-422 (CS-BP422)
    Battery for Canon Bp-422 (CS-BP422)
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